Basically, my job entails
supporting the computer operators —
other computer operators, computer analysts,
and programmers — through the testing seasons and throughout the year,
with tax software. For the most part, there is
a typical day for my job. Basically, I come in to work,
log on to my computer systems — there’s about four or five of
them I have to be in daily — and basically just monitor them,
make sure that everything’s being
processed correctly. If there’s an analyst that needs
something taken care of, push start — there’s
a troubleshooting error somewhere in between — I’ll
take care of that for them. And just keep everything really
running smoothly. It’s like we’re
the big piece of cake kind of in the middle
of everything. A high school diploma is
basically one of the biggest qualifications for working
anywhere in the government, especially in Internal Revenue
Service. A lot of their jobs, especially
support positions, which the computer operator is,
you just have to really have entry-level information to get
into the job, and once you get here, you get
on-the-job training. Basically, they allow us
to go to school at their cost, in most cases. We have a gym here
on our campus. We have a credit union,
a child day care center. We have so many different
things, you really, just so when you’re at work,
you can get everything done
on your free time. You know, if you need to —
you know, want to work out, just to relieve some stress from
a heavy project, or go make a banking transaction, you can
do all that here, and I think that’s one of the biggest things
I do enjoy about working here. I get the most reward out of my
job from really helping other customers, which would be
other people in the building and other, even other buildings,
just really being able to pick up the phone, hear
that question or that problem, and being able
to solve it, like I said.

Computer Operator
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