Bernhard Fasser is deaf. He can hear with his Nucleus 7 Sound Processor. But Bernhard is also blind. [GPS: In 100 meters turn left] [GPS: You have arrived to your destination] Thanks to Nucleus 7 Made for iPhone
functionalities, he can also ‘see’ and perform everyday tasks on his own. [Voice Over reading news] With his iPhone Voice Over function
and advanced Nucleus 7 connectivity, he ’reads’ email and keeps up with the news. To compensate for his blindness, Bernhard relies on his hearing to manage
everyday tasks. Being able to hear allows Bernhard to enjoy simple, everyday pleasures as well. Music and reading are ways that he loves to relax. [Voice Over reading news] With Nucleus 7 Bernhard enjoys an independent life
that would be impossible without hearing. [GPS: Enter your new destination]

Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor – See Bernhard’s story
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