well hello there everyone gameplay vids
24/7 here welcome back to my clicker heroes 2 gameplay walkthrough series for
the PC ladies and gentlemen we are back here on clicker heroes 2
I do hope you’re all having a fantastic day out there thank you so much for
tuning in to another episode we are back here guys our new patch has actually
been released very sneaky all the devs as well actually guys can see we’re on
0.8.1 2e so what I’ve heard I don’t know if this is true or not because I haven’t
actually experienced it myself apparently the desert world is active in
this patch now I don’t know if this is a rumor or what but that’s what I’ve heard
on the discord ok I haven’t actually seen any proof not that I’ve necessarily
gone around it to look for it either because I really want to experience a
desert world on my own without any spoilers but yeah right now we’re just
absolutely crushing like crushing crushing everything in our way – it is
beautiful we’re on weld for zone 55 guys currently
taking on mobs at a level let’s see here once I can actually get a level up in
the screen I’m just killing his mops too fast even get a level right now
there we go 28 so reversing mobs at level 28 and I’m currently level 28 as
well so if you remember correctly in the last episode I did say we’re gonna get
to the point eventually where the mobs are gonna start out leveling us okay so
I think we’re it was slowly approaching that point as we speak I mean we’re tied
at the moment so you gotta think about that if I play for another like in a
couple days straight I don’t know how showing the mob is
gonna be I suspect you’re gonna be around like level 30 or 32 maybe but
yeah right now we’re just we’re dominating everything as long as we’re
buying gear we’re able to crush any mob in our way which is beautiful dude but
yeah at the moment nothing’s really automated right now either if you have a
look here the Automator we have ten seconds on big clicks four seconds on
multi click we have huge click that is always active or it should be always
active if I have enough energy because technically if huge click is not active
aka huge click equals zero then activate huge click so you should really be
seeing huge quick active every second but there
it is there see it’s active right there I don’t know the automate is playing
funny buggers with me everyone I want a huge cook to always be active but oh
well I think that what Amana has to prioritize other abilities as well so
that’s fair enough I am just trying to keep an eye out for
the clicker boards here because as you guys know with the last patch you know
there is the the time-lapse one I like to call it the time-lapse clickable guys
and that is because it speeds up the whole game we are right now I’m just
trying to cruise through just activated energized as you guys can see we have
125 Manor so we’re definitely not running out of mana any time soon which
is great for us I’m just a multi click spamming the out of these mobs
right now just trying to get through them as fast as possible if we have a
look here as well I will slowly try and work my way up to generators enhancement
critical hits from water attacks to restore one mana per second that is
after I pick up killing frenzy or or should I go for a huge click discount
which we usually always do I reckon we’ll stick to what we know I reckon
we’ll pick up huge click discount guides and then we’ll probably head out to go
get Jerry’s enhancement I feel like that’s the safest bet for me to do a
huge quick discount is obviously going to always help us I mean any sort of
reduction on gold costs for items is a godsend you know what I mean so yeah I
can we’ll do that next no artists we just leveled up again cool gonna get a
crit damage multiplier they’re slowly heading towards killing frenzy here guys
currently level 29 I just cannot wait to hit the desert world if there is one on
this patch I really want to see it and I really want to show you guys how it
looks as well the only problem is I haven’t played enough and might sadly my
rolls have been very bad look at all those all the standard welds guys so no
he doesn’t weld sadly I wish they made it like a guaranteed roll at the start
at least so we can experience it but sadly that’s not what’s happening right
now I’m just wondering if we can push all
the way to 100 on this episode hey I mean right now we’re just cruising
through we have 300 energy 300 energy guys okay I don’t think I’ve ever been
that high since my walkthrough started I don’t even joking right now boy that
is insane they’re just trying to push through here as much as I care neither
way but bloody that is great for me we’re in zone 71 right now we’re
definitely not showing any signs of slowing down at all we do have a reload
banked up as well in case we need to use the reload but yeah this is absolute
domination you guys should be extremely happy with this progression right now
because this is what you want to see when you start fresh I look at heroes
too now I dunno we’re probably gonna have to
start fresh one more time possibly I’m not too sure no I think we definitely
have to so the way I look at it is when they released a wizard and they will
well what the what is this my game just froze what the is this a bug
dude oh okay no worries so I’ll quickly reload my save okay that was a bit of a
situation we haven’t lost our world progress which is nice but yes that’s
definitely odd I’m not too sure what the happened then that’s as soon as we
hit the 75 boss is it that happened either way 75 boss got absolutely
destroyed didn’t even get to really see him any last on the screen for like two
seconds I just activated my energized by the way then and popped no sorry just
use click storm and activated energized just so we can try and push through a
little bit faster here without water attacks damply cruising through dude up
to zone 77 unbelievable this is beautiful I cannot wait to get
through next world reversing mobs level 29 as well so we’re
always tying with the mobs now they’re definitely gonna outrank us to it I just
got that gut feeling it’s happening we run 350 energy by the way which is
very nice Lou Thesz spray we’re not slowing down this is the freaking owners
train we’re not storming down at all holy crap Jesus see choking to death
um guys please please use my build I’m not joking this build is the best
build I’ve found on the game so far for me anyway give it a try I’m telling you
now do what I’ve done just branch off straight away into the
top of the right side here pick up the nodes I’m gonna be picking up killing
frenzy any second now brilliant about what five more minutes I might be able
to eat killing frenzy if we keep leveling the way we do but this is
awesome erupt the zone 88 will just sudden-like zone 60 so what the
this is mental I love it I absolutely love it dude look we’ve got a limited
manner we’ve actually got that much manner we
are over our cap on manner we’re a hundred and sixty three manner out of a
hundred and fifty think about that very carefully there dude that is awesome and
click storm a stack that March is clicking nearly 18 times per second wow
this is unbelievable progression right now this is what anyone wants to see
when that blank licking here is too fantastic bro now I might pop reload again just choose
to reload there got 150 energy back pretty much I’m pretty sure I just got
150 energy back on the reload on now up to 200 manner almost as well
199 or 150 Jesus Christ here we go about to hit to world 5 guys hopefully we can
get the desert world I really really hope so almost there
this is it the boss then I activate my huge click I’m gonna try and take him
out straightaway here if I can and one hurry up and run said Jesus bosses dead over one shot one-hit-wonder
bro bruising world again you cheating me
I’ve got a frozen world again guys level was at 31 to 36 that’s 3 frozen wells in
arrived the desert welds here I’m definitely not seeing it
that is brutal dude oh well I mean what can I do really when it comes down
to it let’s start again let’s buy some new gear pick up those coins
don’t try and crush these mobs as fast as possible now very nice
still doing pretty well man it’s a brand new world with a 200 like 70% item costs
and we’re still cruising through here very good for us just upgrading my sword
then by the way I will purchase the token total mana boost instead of that
critical charts boost I just forget that extra mana so I can use energized 10%
click boost there guys awesome I wonder how long this ownage trains really gonna
last for though you gotta think of it this way guys I’m not too sure like how
good this is gonna go the gravy might get a bit stale soon because the
developers did say that experienced players will find that it’s very easy at
the start well then it they’ve struggled towards the end so we’ll find out what
the game has in store for me with the two hundred and seventy percent item
costs boost story that’s a bit of a pain just got another automate a point there
good where should we throw up a 10-minute
stone no thanks why the do I want that I guess you had a 90 second stone
there upgrade cheapest item on an Automator
huge clicks more than zero a stone that activates a huge quick is more than zero
so that means when it is active I automates golden clicks no I don’t care
there’s no stones here no stones I can actually easily access or access sorry I
might just have to go up here I might take the stones on the right side so
we’re going for the ten minutes throwing 90 second stone forty second stone and
eight second stone simple as that let’s go mana
regeneration boost we’re regenerating 5.25 mana per second
per minutes we are kicking right now dude mono activates my quick storm
activate energized as well make sure regen that energy very good to 5% haste
increase we’re in zone 10 I’ll world fire right now guys which is excellent
for us awesome they’re pretty much if we
continue on our path like this even though we just ran out of energy that’s
fine I’ll just use reload straight away they’ll just kept this in the game a
little bit more yeah if we keep playing like this dude we’re gonna be cruising
through this game I kid you not awesome stuff look at that
firey out 110 they’re getting ready to level 110 I reckon or what goal were
saved increase there as well so going 110 on the Cape everyone I reckon we
will let me use my big clicks nice I can’t believe how well we’re doing
just crazy to me 150 energy in 125 manner we’re over the
mana cap right now we have to do something about that manner cap bro
we’re just cruising man like we need to do something about this manner cap
I’m just generating too much mana right now I can’t even spender even if I
wanted to did you imagine if I was generating this
much energy later in my build obviously we’ll went on the hour I need a boost
energize a little bit more a monster Gold boost there good move it up the
ring it’s great for us at least there’s
something on my pants critical chance boost excellent all right well 5% haste increase there
as well I mean as long as this keeps going the
way it’s going I think we should be okay hopefully anyway my use energized again
quickly here oh no worries reading at the zone 25 and like no matter what four
minutes five minutes that’s brilliant dude within itself
um I reckon I’ll wrap it up here either way guys thank you very much for
watching I hope the audio what a game what a game
seriously this new patch has brought in so much new potential for the game makes
it so much more fluid as well I mean I’m actually progressing here I’m not
getting stuck on walls I hated absolutely hated with the passion if you
guys watch the series you know what I mean I hate it when you play this game
and you got stuck on a wall for like the whole day I mean it just completely
wrecks the game but either way thank you very much for tuning in guys I really
hope that you ought to enjoy actually we about to level up and get killing frenzy
we are too how let’s just level up quickly before I end this tiara art
looks you know I’m not gonna end the series before I end this video let me
just quickly level up here so you guys can see me get that killing frenzy and
the haste increase so then it’s 150% haste increase for five seconds if I am
correct okay I just leveled up level 32 I don’t know 50 seconds upon killing an
enemy the last five seconds everyone done awesome thank you very much guys I
hope that you all enjoyed I will catch all the next couple of days and maybe
the next week you’re putting here is – I am posting schedules an hour though so
you will be notified if you subscribed of my posting schedules okay thank you
very much guys have a safe night safe day I’ll catch all around be sure to hit
that like subscribe button be sure to leave me a comment tell me what you
thought of the episode in the game now I’d love to hear thanks guys see you

Clicker Heroes 2: MY BEST BUILD SO FAR?! – Walkthrough Guide #61 – PC Gameplay

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    I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Clicker Heroes 2!

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