Hey. Paul Babb from Maxon Computer. We’re the developers
of Cinema 4D. We’re here at Siggraph 2018
in beautiful Vancouver. And we’re having a great time. We’ve got some great, amazing
artists showing off Cinema 4D. R20 is our newest version,
some great new features. We’ve got artists showing off
anything from game development to visual effects to motion
graphics, medical animation, live presentations. Some great content,
great tips and tricks, great people working on some
amazing hardware, like Intel. [MUSIC PLAYING] Release 20 of Cinema 4D has got
some incredible new features. Number one would be fields. It’s a new feature inside of
Mograph, which is literally falloffs on steroids. Fields are now objects
that can be utilized by multiple Mograph setups
or objects or anything else to create some incredible
intricate, very sophisticated effects. There will be some
great presentations that we’ll have online. You can see how people
are using it, what can possibly be done with it. We’ve added volume modeling. We’ve added
node-based materials. A new CAD import, so it’s
easy to get those CAD models in from your clients. And really, probably a few dozen
other really great workflow features in Release 20. I think the one feature that
excites me the most about R20 is something that
is not really seen. Maxon has been doing tremendous
work in the background to do a lot of re-architecturing
of the core technology of Cinema 4D to maximize its
performance on new hardware and things like that. And a lot of the features
that have come out in R20– fields, node-based
materials, volumes– these things couldn’t have
been done a few years ago because it really required a
lot of this re-architecture of the core of Cinema 4D. So it’s really exciting to
see the fruit of that labor that they have been
doing in the background, and we can see the performance
in the foreground now. And that, for us,
is really exciting, because we’ve been hearing
a lot about what they’ve been doing in the
background, but now we’re starting to see
the results of it. It’s very exciting. I know the relationship
that Maxon has with Intel is extremely close in terms of
sharing knowledge, technology, and those types of things. We’ve heard a lot of great
stories about our programmers working directly with
the Intel engineers, and helping find ways of
maximizing our performance on Intel chips, providing
information back to Intel for what would
provide great performance for our customers
on Intel chips. That relationship has
been extremely fruitful. On our side, here in the
States, most of our relationship with Intel has been a lot
about marketing and sales and working together to
reach out to the community and give them– let them know what’s
available to them. If you’d like to find
out more about Cinema 4D, you can go to Maxon’s
site, maxon.net. After the show, we will be
archiving all the presentations that were here at the
show on cineversity.com. And so if you want to learn
more about those R20 features, go there, and you should be able
to see some great presentations by working artists
really putting those new features to work. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Cinema 4D Release 20 | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software
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