Hello and welcome to the Calculator Guide Mixed numbers to Fractions or Fractions to Mixed numbers. We’re going to learn how to change between fractions and mixed numbers in this video. First, let’s just have a reminder of the fraction button Press the fraction button and input a quarter using the REPLAY. Press equals we have a quarter displayed here Remember we can use the SD button to change between a fraction or decimal Let’s try now to change between a fraction and a mixed number. To do this we’re going to import an improper fraction, five-thirds and then press equals. We’re going to change the improper fraction to a mixed number using this function here to access this we need to press the SHIFT button and then the SD button and here we have a mixed number, one and two-thirds If you press SHIFT and then the same button again, SD, we can change that back then to the improper fraction, five thirds Let’s have a look now at inputting a mixed number. We can see that that’s here above the fraction button so again we need to press SHIFT first. SHIFT, notice we have the little “s” here in the top left-hand corner and then press the fraction button to give us the mixed number We’re going to input 2 and 3 fifths so first input your two is your integer component and then three fifths as the fractional component. Press equals the calculator automatically given the answer as an improper fraction 13 / 5 to display this is mixed number we need to use that function again so SHIFT and SD and here we have two and three fifths. Remember we can press the SD button as well to display it as a decimal 2.6. That’s it for this video Thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you again next time on The Calculator Guide

Change Fractions to Mixed Numbers on a Casio Calculator – fx-83GT PLUS, fx-85GT PLUS Mixed Fraction

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