hello everyone I am Vipul, your tech
buddy today I am gonna show you how to fix the problem related to the USB
connections between your Android device and a PC so after it update your Android
phone or PC there are some cases even if it happened with me and lots of my
friends that after the completion of update then whenever you
connect the phone with your PC it couldn’t detect the phone in my case I
try to solve it search download for the solution but couldn’t get an easy or not
hurting procedure to fix it some set bills to all the software while others
said to reset the phone what well that’s not going to be the perfect solution is
in that but here I am got for you a very easy to minute step to solve it so here
it goes first let us connect my phone to the PC
and see what happens you can see a beep sound let us check as it detected or not
sorry there is no sign of my phone in this PC C D F G H no sign so what you
need to do is keep your phone connected to the PC and open device manager you
can either open it from the control panel or use the Start menu search
option to open it easily type here device so device manager yes here it is
open it here you can see an option portable
device this is the option which comes after you connect your phone to the PC
let’s just check by disconnecting my food when I disconnected the option
disappears let us reconnect you can hear the beep sound and yes here it is
portable devices option inside it there is an option MTP that is the point that
is the button or key which will make your PC read your food just right click
on it click on update driver solution go to my browse my computer for driver
software there are two options but go for the below one and choose let me pick
from a list of device drivers for my compare here are here there are lot of
options but choose six one eight eight three devices open it and click the MTP
USB device click Next installing driver software yes finally it is done in the
device manager option portable device you can see your full stem instead of
MTP this means your operation has successfully done you can see the
phone’s name mine is echo or power plus you can open it phone storage SD card
finally a tester so hope you like this video and it has
helped you if it does please like and subscribe for more upcoming videos thank

cannot connect phone to laptop using usb (fixed).
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