So currently my main computer is not this PC As some of you would think but is this 2009 MacBook. Even though it’s already a really good computer It still needs a little bit more work. So in this video we’re going to be building the ultimate 2009 MacBook [Intro Music] I know some of you are probably thinking, “this is such an unoriginal idea Austin Evans has already done it” and yes, I know Austin Evans has done this before But I’m going to be doing it with a different MacBook and I’m not really doing that much to it to build the ultimate 2009 MacBook I I replaced its 160GB hard drive with a 1TB hard drive and then Not even a month later, I went out to Micro Center with my dad and I made him buy me a 240GB SSD. that’s really all we’re gonna be doing plus a little bit of cleanup and other Cool software things that I’ve done with it [iMovie music plays] [Censor beep] [Music] Time to test it That’s the wrong hard drive that’s my other external drive Time to test it [Mac Startup Sound] All right, the right drive this time We’re here we’re at Micro Center [Running] [Impatiently pressing elevator button] [More overexcitement about going to Micro Center followed by more inpatient spamming of elevator button] [Elevator beeps] [Elevator door opens] [Background noise] Here we are, Let’s walk around. [Making fun of PC’s in a childish way] Mac! Ooh, iMac Pro! AWESOME! All right Cables serial cables, parallel cables. Whatever! DisplayPort to VGA, DisplayPort to HDMI. I need a DisplayPort to DVI That ones cool! I believe they’re a sponsor of Linus Tech Tips This one’s Cool Should be taking pictures of these. iFixit toolkit!!!! My knockoff iFixit toolkit is not good enough. [Microphone glitches] I need an SSD. Not for my PC, for my MacBook. Adapters, NVIDIA Cards Cool! Hard drives, perfect. This is what I was looking for Where were the SSD’s [Sped up audio] [Music] [Music] Thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it And please leave a like if you really hated this video Then I guess that other button seems to work and please subscribe to this channel for more videos like this one [Music]

Building The Ultimate 2009 MacBook… Sort of…
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2 thoughts on “Building The Ultimate 2009 MacBook… Sort of…

  • April 4, 2019 at 9:36 am

    Excellent video.

    Make another video to see how fast MacBook is opening apps etc with ssd, please!
    Subscribed to your channel !😎

  • April 18, 2019 at 1:06 am

    I just got a 2018  MacBook Pro. Expect a video about it soon.


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