hi guys this is Ross and I’m going to
walk you through the process of picking shopping and buying parts for a multi
screen trading computer as you can see I have a Google sheet here listing the
parts that you would require to complete the setup I’m now going to open up two
sites that are going to help me filter out parts for a compatible working
system the first one being Newegg and then we have the PC part picker right here
what essentially PC part picker is going to help us is to make sure that the parts
we have chosen at the end are compatible with each other and Newegg
to shortlist the specifications I need so as you can see right here we have the
processor and we are going to go into new egg and we are going to go into
components we need a processor the CPU and basically we are building a Windows
desktop so that’s what we are going to choose okay so your first short list
over here is the AMD and the Intel Core they are manufacturers essentially an AMD I
would suggest a gamer would buy and Intel Co as a trader I personally prefer
the Intel as further down the line most of the drivers tend to be compatible
with what we work with and the most stable so I am going to make a choice
between the Intel Core i7 and the Intel Core i5 we don’t need the antelco I 9
cause that’s pretty much an overkill and Intel I Intel i7 works just fine so does
the i5 basically if you’re going in for like a full screen setup of five screen
setup and so on I would definitely suggest that you go in for the i7 but or
to screen or three scream I believe a core i5 works just fine
so what we are going to do right now is we are going to
select what we need we do not require the x-series that’s an overkill again
the eighth generation and the seventh generation would work just fine and in
the i-5 it’s again the a generation and the seven generation and we apply
they’re going to see if we have any other specifications that we can
shortlist a 6co quad core by default or six core is going to be way better than
the quad core what we definitely are going to need is having a frequency of
about 2.8 gigahertz so I would be selecting to be on the safe side I will
be three point to convert I will be selecting these and I apply once we have
a short list I am going to see what we have over here considering for me
personally I want to buy three screen setup so I don’t think I would require
the i7 so I’m going to just uncheck these all right so what we need your
Intel Core i5 eight thousand six hundred K three point six gigawatts this could
work the next thing we have over here is the 7600 K it’s so of it
oh it’s basically an older version what do we have your 3.8 gigahertz 3.6 kikou
it’s really not much of a difference could work with that and i-5 or it so
here you notice that we have K over you okay over here
and there is no key over here now what does that essentially mean is the key
signal fires over clocking as a treadle I’m not too interested in overclocking
it’s basically for a PC enthusiastic so it doesn’t really matter whether I
choose the K or the non came what matters to me is the gigahertz
as long as it’s above to 0.8 K if you’re finding a cheaper unlike
if you see they are pretty much along the same place
maybe you’re saving 1,000 over all over these so you can either go in for the
i-5 7600 cabbie lake or you could go in for this night I see that this is the
300 series that’s the latest one in the market and for 1,000 more I don’t really
mind paying an extra so I’m going to go here and I’m going to add this to cart and then I’m going to select it into the
PC particle so we have the 8600 ki5 so I’m going to type that your i-5 do yeah
sorry high-five here’s the 8600 k that’s the
one that we’ve just picked and then I add now note that I will not be using
these two sites so the pc particle and you to make the final purchase as the
custom duties and shipping to be pay really adds up at the end what I am
going to do is I’m going to check prices for the same on other Indian component
sites like Amazon we have MD computers and crime a bgb I’m going to see which
offers the best price so we go to Amazon dot
up prime kpgb there you go and then MD computers if
this is not up your alley I think you can actually if you go into
an electronic market in your city like the Nehru place in Delhi and lamington
Road in Mumbai you can actually get 20% less prices than what’s listed online
and Amazon tends to be very expensive compared to the others
we’re just going to check it out the i5 or 8600 K is what we’ve thought you want
and then you see that this is 24,000 this is just sort I 5 8600 k such that’s 21,000 is it okay yes
it is this is 24,000 this is for a 1000 so you notice that this one’s way
cheaper than Amazon and I will check the price yeah there’s a search out right
here so I five eight thousand six hundred K
this is twenty four thousand so I notice that the prices of a cheapo in time ABG
B so I’m going to get rid of the others and I’m going to first of all copy this
price and I’m going to paste it in my Google sheet I’m going to add the
manufacturer that’s the Intel and the model is the i5 eight thousand six
hundred K all right just another thing that they’re going to be doing is we’re
able to go and copy the link and just to make things easy for us we’re going to
go here insert link and then we are going to paste that link here fly so
what this essentially does is if you just click the model number it is going
to take you to the site and basically with this we are done with the processor
stay tuned for the next video in which we will be purchasing them on the board
thank you

Build your own Stock Market Trading Computer Episode 1
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