In this tutorial we will learn how to install
the Hard Drive in the CPU Cabinet. The Motherboard and the Power connections will be explained
in the Power Supply tutorial. Make sure you use an antistatic strap or ground
yourself to avoid damage to the components. Hard Drives cannot be placed directly to the
CPU Cabinet. Different CPU Cabinet have different containers for the Hard Drives. My CPU Cabinet
provides a slider. According to your CPU Cabinet connect the
container to the Hard Drive. So let me just connect the Slider to my Hard Drive. Once this is done, find the Drive Bay in the
CPU Cabinet. My Hard Drive is 3.5 inch, hence I will find a 3.5 inch Drive Bay. Next just place the Hard Drive in the CPU
Cabinet. Next step is to screw the drive. I will leave
it unscrewed as I don’t need it to be screwed. Thats it with this tutorial guys. I hope you
liked it. Please rate, comment, subscribe and visit

Build A PC [08] – Place Hard Drive or SSD in CPU Cabinet
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