Hey guys what’s up. This is Nayan here from
Tech Barrack Solutions. In this tutorial we will learn how to attach
the CPU in the CPU header of your motherboard. This tutorial is for an Intel Chip based motherboard. First we need to locate the CPU header on
the motherboard. Next we need to locate the latch next to the
CPU header. Gently pull the latch. Once this is done you
need to look for a small triangle on the CPU header. You will find a similar triangle on the CPU. Open the CPU header and accordingly place
the CPU. Once the CPU is placed, close the CPU header. Use the latch to lock the CPU header. Next we need to make use of the CPU Fan. I
will be using the default CPU fan. Hence I don’t need to apply thermal paste on the CPU. Find the legs of the CPU fan. You will find
similar holes on the motherboard near the CPU header. Place the CPU fan legs in these holes. Now
apply little pressure on the centre of the CPU fan and then push the legs of the CPU
fan. You should hear a click sound. This will confirm that it has fitted properly. Next you need to remove the SATA cable of
the CPU and put it in the CPU Fan header of your motherboard. Once that is done, you have successfully installed
CPU on your motherboard. Thats it with this tutorial guys. I hope you
liked it. Please rate, comment, subscribe and visit http://www.techbarrack.com

Build A PC [03] – Installing the Intel Based CPU on the Motherboard
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