Hi – I’m Mel. I am studying Computer Games
Design at the Digital Institute in London. So far we have been creating
characters within a game that some of the instructors have made. We got to test
them, build them, balance them, find them. We played a massive tournament to figure
out how broken they were so it was all about learning the inner kind of
mechanics to begin with before we start properly kind of next week learning how
to build them from scratch. The facilities are amazing. There’s so much
help if you also need it. If you’re lost in a programme there’s always people
around that can help you. It’s great being in London because we’re closer to
industries. We’re closer to local businesses that have started and are
looking for students to come in and kind of help them at times. We’ve had a few
people from the industry already come in. On our Welcome Week we had somebody from the strategic partnership at Twitch come in and do a live talk as well as local
companies in the area. We are really connected with industry around here.

BSc (Hons) Computer Games Design – Digital Institute London

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