Brutal Doom 2016 Arsenal is a modication for Brutal Doom v21 GOLD, that includes DOOM 2016 weapons together with their upgrades to the standard demon roster Mod – Brutal Doom 2016 Arsenal / WAD – Violence / HUD – HXRTCHUD (included) / Addons – CrosshairHP, BD Flashlight / Music – DOOM 2016 by Mick Gordon Please be aware that amount of maximum ammo to pick up in this modification is much lower than in standard DOOM, so this might be a distinguishable increase in difficulty Your armor also takes 100% of damage against you, so be aware of quickly depleted layer of protection because monster’s damage is considerable However the armor shards together with health potions give you back 3 HP/AP per pickup, depends by WAD how difficult it will be to find them The good way to replenish your health and armor is also to dismember the demons, plenty of bonuses to pick up will show after their disappearance As for the WAD itself, it consists of four standard maps with a bonus last fifth map that is more an ending stage with 4 Archviles next to your small starting point The first two maps are much easier in dfficulty, except with problems with ammunition because of Brutal Doom Arsenal, they are not hard However the last two final maps are something else and are full of nasty surprises against the player, so be aware when playing them The penultimate map begins in an open area where you are surrounded by tons of enemies including Chaingunners and Cacodemons, you must be really agile during the fight The last map is by far the longest one in the WAD, it features more than 500 monsters including the annoying Arch-Viles together with lots of hidden rooms and monster teleports You should upgrade your Grenade Launcher with Acid Grenades because they are fantastic against the crowds, also against shielded troopers use the berserk kicks at point blank range If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a like and subscribe to it (REMEMBER ABOUT BELL!)

BRUTAL DOOM 2016 Arsenal – Violence Mappack [100% SECRETS]
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