oh good afternoon everyone what’s the
old saying and the only been guaranteed life is death and taxes right
how about change I’m gonna add change to that it is a guarantee especially on the
road I have been coming here to this spot for five years in fact Panama City
Beach was the very first floor to town I I came in to met Wayne out here RV
prepper Wayne and got my brakes fixed for the first time and fell in love with
Panama City Beach and you can see where I’m parked right there this is my my
favorite boondocking spot in the entire country is undergoing some major changes
right here in fact if you look at Google Maps I’m even on there from last year
parked right there with a view of the beach right there and I knew it was
eventually gonna have to do something because this land is like it’s like
unclaimed land I guess that’s not owned or anything so now they’re just
unloading dump trucks full of trash because of the hurricane and stuff but
still got access to the beach and I kind of don’t know if I’m still allowed to
park here I’m gonna give it a shot one night here gonna give it a shot right
across the road here there’s the public access walkway still open so we’ll walk
this trail here’s the trail get that sand that beautiful oh heck
yeah I think the Gulf of Mexico side is the the prettiest beaches in Florida I
can’t really say the same about Texas because Texas it starts to change color
and get really muddy nobody out here nobody out at the beach what do you think are you believer
Panama City Beach my goodness they are still working on fixing up from the big
hurricane a few years ago back like Panama City area in the beach
it didn’t get hit that hard they’re still rebuilding this city it’s crazy
it’s kind of a kind of a cloudy overcast day not a whole lot of blue skies I’m
gonna try to sleep here and come out here I’m gonna bring my chair tonight
come sit right here in the whites and face the sunset all right I’ll come back
out here brought my chair we lost the Sun it’s actually storm
storm coming tonight I’ll tell you what man this bronchitis is something else
we’re we are we are over three weeks now and I am still coughing still got a
tickle all I got though maybe a little cold but yeah this is my digs look at my
view of the ocean well the Gulf Mexico cheers everybody what do you think guys I doing this
right come to the conclusion that it’s not
necessarily the city of Panama City Beach but come on but the nature the
beautiful water doesn’t even have to be sunny or hot spent a good power out here I’ll packed
up I’m gonna walk back to the RV hang out with Jax watch Netflix feed the poor
little starving tiny kitty oh yeah I love the beach man I’m a beach bum I
definitely a.m. goodness look at that sunset yeah
they’re still doing construction over there well we’re losing daylight quick
I’ve mentioned while I’m in Florida that I haven’t done been doing a whole lot of
boondocking I truly do love doing this I don’t really want to call it risky but I
don’t know if I’m gonna get booted like you just just gotta take some chances
sometimes I you know I do do a couple things just to help my stay here you
know I there aren’t a whole lot of lights that are gonna come on but I will
close all the blinds they’re still open I will close the front curtain close
every blind in the RV that way if I have a light on or a TV on inside I won’t
draw any extra attention to myself I won’t be listening to music or TV
through the stereo system I’ll just be listening to it through the TV or my
headphones with bluetooth and I will just try to try to blend in into my
surroundings as much as possible tonight yeah and then first thing tomorrow
morning grab a cup of coffee and head right back out there to the beach yeah
well if it’s not raining I told Wade I’m like really dude there’s a hundred
percent chance of rain tomorrow when I come visit you of course
Jax picked Mandalorian so we’re watching Mandalorian finally on Disney Plus do
you like baby Yoda do you like baby Oda okay and I was right it is really dark out
here where I’m parked I’ve got the light on right now but it turns off and we’re
watching TV yep there’s downtown Panama City Beach gonna be a cloudy night
though so I won’t be able to do a star lapse there’s just clouds up there yep
I’ll cut back in in the morning guys well good morning everyone
no problems parking there overnight not a problem at all I’m really happy that
worked also extremely quiet even though I’m parked like 300 yards away from the
Gulf of Mexico here all I heard last night was the waves it was so nice so
nice I gotta tell you something real quick before we head over to Wayne’s
house and see a friend I struggle with sharing any kind of negative information
on my channel because no matter what I say as long as it’s negative I’m whining
and complaining in the minds of my viewers and I don’t understand that if
this is to be an honest blog where I tell you what’s going on I need you all
to just take step back and understand that if I have to tell you something
like to tell you a fact that’s out of my control
I’m not complaining or being negative or I’m just sharing what’s going on so you
understand and what you will notice is that I made up like 300 miles to come up
here to Panama City and to give up on Florida Araki gave up on the West Coast
you’re having so much fun I was having fun I loved it
talking to some of my Bank of America friends out there there was a security
breach at Bank of America and I got issued an email on with a lot of other
people there’s a certain visa a visa merchant that got breached and Bank of
America shut out a bunch emails and said yep we’re deactivating your car at end
of the month issuing you a new one with a new number expiration everything see
for normal people that live in a house and have an address where they’re going
to ship this new card it wouldn’t really matter that much we’re all gonna have to
call all of our automatic payment people and get all that updated but being in
Florida and having 12 days we or my car no longer works it is very
very stressful like I called Bank of America expressed my displeasure with it
there is absolutely no way around it it’s automatic they will not ship that
card anywhere but your residence so mine’s going to Texas and my card
everything all my money nothing will work in less than 12 days now so many
people on the road have 12 days to cancel all of their plans and go back
home I am upset I am irritated and it’s something that’s completely out of my
control and it’s happening to a lot of other Bank of America customers there is
absolutely no way around it okay I have an RV payment that hits overnight in
like nine days from now it’s not gonna work because the card will be
deactivated two days earlier so I have to call a couple people and let them
know that I am doing my absolute best to try to get back to Texas that I can
update all of these I have to call like 16 different places Netflix and YouTube
premium and my insurance company isn’t everything and give them this new card
when I get it with the expiration to it it’s such a hassle but the biggest part
of it is we’re absolutely just screwed we have to come back home to get this
card because for security reasons we’ll only get sent to your home address
really sucks for a nomad and this may be my final straw with Bank of America cuz
this is just terrible customer service I’m sorry not being lenient or or you
know flexible or anything so my only other option is to take all my money out
of my bank and spend the next few days in a Florida Bank or something and
register in Texas in my home and try to make everything switch over in time but
still but the RV payment hittin in nine days
there’s just this is not enough time so I have to get back home to Texas and fix
this problem and I’m really not excited about that but that’ll answer the
question why I’ve expedited Florida and I’m changing my plans because I had no
choice and go get the RV all packed up call
Wayne head over there he said he’s got a spot for me to park for the rain hits
hey everyone I just stepped back outside the rain is off and on sprinkled showers
and everything it’s really really light right now but it is funny that it’s
raining when I come see Wayne and you know I have decided that because this is
kind of a unique situation I don’t have any mechanical work for Wayne this time
for the first time in like five years and I don’t know how many visits the RV
is running good knock on the Rd so I’m just gonna hang out with my friend here
and catch up and have a couple days of downtime here you know Wayne is is still
living in his RV with his family here in the Panama City
area that he’s still working on the RV and working on other projects and making
things happen you can tune in to his channel for updates cuz he’s always he’s
always got something going on and you know I just want to hang out with a
friend and as for the bank thing I have to address a couple more things because
if I don’t say it then people may not understand everything that’s going on
you know could I have that mail forwarded the card no I dare I went into
a branch I called them I did everything there’s no way out of it this is does
this is Bank of America and they’re trying to be really really hush-hush
about this and just kind of sweep it under the rug and this is a major
problem with Bank of America and I’m I’m letting you know because there’s a lot
of people that I’ve heard that are affected by this it’s not just me and we
have no choice they are just turning our cards off and
forcing us to get a new car with new numbers and everything and there’s they
will not make any exceptions as to far as shipping so if you are away from home
right now you have nine days to get back home to get your new car because you
don’t have any money with that old card in nine days so I’ve tried everything
they’ve just other banks may help out a little more Bank of America will not it
is going from Delaware to the only address you have on file period the best
thing they said is they’re like well do you have someone they can go to your
house and take it out of your mailbox and ship it to you in Florida first of
all that’s illegal second of all I actually have a mail forwarding service
but the problem is it takes like I said like two to three weeks to get receipt
of the mail that’s delivered and then I have to have it forwarded to a
dress it’s not like a 24 hour or 48 hour window no it takes normal mail to be
delivered so it’s gonna be another week after that so I got to stay parked
somewhere with a physical address for like three or four weeks from now
meanwhile I don’t have any money in nine days unless I take it all out of the
bank and start another bank account somewhere and then all my bills my RV is
gonna go into I’m not gonna be able to pay my bill so I mean I won’t have a
card to be able to pay over the phone to pay my bill when it gets denied because
they closed my card yeah so it’s a lot more tricky than it really sounds and I
really have thought of everything I’m just struggling you know I have to go to
Texas anyway because I got to get my new plates I got to get the RV inspected and
re registered for the year and everything so it’s just expediting my
trip back to Texas right now and it really is frustrating that it’s
completely out of control and Bank of America wants to keep this really really
hush-hush like don’t say anything well know I’ve already posted on my personal
Facebook page some people are if I would say it’s 50/50 right now it’s a whatever
merchant they’re saying if was it affected they just said no but look
we’re just turning off your card in your new one we don’t care we literally do
not care and you’re on your own you want your money you got to find a way to
catch your new card it’s like you are such a crappy business it’s like every
other day now I’ll go to a restaurant and pay giving my card the waitress will
come back and I’ve got company and they’ll say sir your card was declined
do you have another form of payment my card was not declined it’s just my
stupid bank flags every transaction every other day and then makes me call
them because I can’t even do it from the app I got to call them and tell them yes
it’s really me because I’m a traveler and I move mister my bank sucks anyway
done ranting I want to enjoy my time here Wayne so I’ll catch up again a
couple days bye guys

Bank of America Deactivates My Card ~ Leaves Me Stuck
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