hello ladies and gentlemen be intel welcomes you to the corporate family Mr. can I have the file! thank you you people are going to give the world’s best coffee that they are ever sipped… this corporate world is a race, what’s the point of winning a rat race when you left or step behind, at the end you still be the rat do you have any idea what we gonna discuss in this meeting?? about taking our product to the next level oh no!!!! not that, we are gonna discuss something more about knowled…. [inhales the smell of amazing coffee] meeting is dismissed, …… excuse me!!! aah! meeting is dismissed literally!!! oh!!! morning boss!… Hey morning what’s he doing? you dismissed meeting for a cup of coffee…. you know what!!! I can’t refuse my own product You all would like to take a brake…… Yeah why not[all trainees reply] [feeling the amazing taste of coffee] hey guys!!! We definitely hope that you liked our smart coffee maker. so, do like our video and share with all of your friends….

B-Intel smart coffee maker

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