merchants we all do greetings please don’t hate me
I have embarr you I used to be a spy and Caesar service but he decided I was
surplus to requirements he fired me imagine me realms – secret agent fact I
intend to exact revenge by divulging the Empire secrets
there was a frightening battle here your friends fought valiantly but Caesar and
his troops got the upper hand there is still a lot of roman helmets lying
around collect these Roman helmets and find me inside the village near the huge
granite block okay then I will help you your friends need you you’ll have to
hurry I’ll open up the path for you use this
small platform to cross the fence don’t forget to push the large granite block
it’ll help you reach the platform there’s not a moment to lose
Caesar and his men have shackled all your fellow villagers and they sit off
like the wind from what I understood there were Roman galleys waiting near
here to transport them actually if you want to push this huge granite block
against the fence approach it then move forwards holding the action button down
if you catch sight of me again do feel free to come and say hello I might have
some valuable teeth bit of info to give you over here I’ve got something very
important to show you look Roman generals have been hiding gold laurels
in all their conquered provinces it’s a direct order from Caesar the Emperor in
person has been showing them where to hide the gold laurels I think it’s to
heighten the impression that he is everywhere in his empire there are a
large number of gold laurels scattered around the whole empire some of them are
stashed in Gaul all in hidey-holes round here
you must forage well and find all the gold laurels hidden in each province if
you find them you will be handsomely rewarded don’t rest on your own laurels
make sure you forage everywhere and trust me you won’t be sorry this piece of wood is actually an
extinguished torch it is extremely handy use it right and you can blow up barrels
of gunpowder Astrix only you can take it keep it
until you find a fire to light it be careful it has a tendency to go out be a bright spark if you light a fire
here and light a fire there as you go around it’ll be easier to ignite again
if it ever goes out you have acquired dogmatic saw them
where could he be hiding Obelix something terrible has happened
at the village all our friends have disappeared and our homes are burning
what are you talking about a Romans around here follow me I see you found your trusty companion
that’s good news two heads will be better than one
the three Angela friends several have been shipped away locked up
on different boats to what I understood one of them was
failing worthless but as for the other one I don’t know I also saw the truth
escorting a cage with an old druid prisoner inside so leave this beach and
get searching you should be able to catch them up easily I found dogmatix your dog can be a
precious ally when Roman bashing press the special dogmatix button to send him
fighting Roman backsides it’ll make them drop their weapons at the end of this
path there’s actually a ring several gods of magic potion are hidden there
including one near the wooden Tower pick them up and you become super strong for
a few seconds Oh buttocks can’t drink the potion but I think you know that
already I’ve got a big secret to share with you this device is the Maximus repeating
cannon to use it all you have to do is approach it and press the action button
if Obelix is next to you he will be able to
shift the cannon sideways while you use it press the jump button to get down
from the machine well done I see you found the right
track don’t worry about Obelix he is just
waiting on the other side while you find a way of opening a bigger passage the ayran crates are really tough Roman
engineers have specially designed them to resist the harshest treatment only
Obelix can destroy them view Asterix you need to drink some magic potion before
you smash them to smithereens I have heard said that repeating
cannonballs also work but I’ve never had the good fortune to verify this this
column of light is a relay station move Astrix inside to take control of Obelix
and vice versa hello there let’s go and see what I’ve
got in stock you’re going to have to get some more helmets if you want to treat
yourself to a purchase of this caliber come back see you again the – affixed by Toutatis I’m glad to see
you but where are all our village folk where is our chief vital statistics
what’s happened here all our hoses are on fire now just calm down calm down let
me out of this cage and I’ll tell you the whole story it was an everyday kind
of day I was just bringing a cauldron of magic potion to a simmer when the Romans
arrived my complete surprise they robbed me of a whole cauldron even before I can
wiggle my beard it was a tough fight then they divided us into separate cages
Caesar himself was here he was delighted with himself his plan had worked he was
standing there gloating over a large marble map of all the provinces of his
empire Oh can you imagine all our friends
scattered across the four corners of the Roman Empire you can still hear him now
you a new Greece you do that Normandy and as for you you Spanier know let’s
say Helvetia when he had finished he destroyed his great map but we each
managed to recover here is the fragment I recovered I
believe that that is where Caesar exiled fully automatics and unhygenic s’
Asterix Obelix who have to rescue our two
friends they will give you the fragment of map they managed to recover this
fragment will reveal the location of other villagers you must go and rescue
them to war did Caesar Breit is pretty map
I believe he tried to keep the locations of our exile a secret go quickly now my
friends time is of the essence you must leave for the north while I
must return to our village and tidy things up a bit

Asterix & Obelix XXL / Kick Buttix Walkthrough Part 1 (PC, PS2, Gamecube) 100% – Gaul
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    Good luck for this game

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    Well done with this part, I have to say, this is much different then the one you just played, but it still has that charm of it, and a lot of fighting and combat, and looks like 100% will be in this one, keep doing a wonderful job, I look forward to more, I have a feeling this will be an interesting Walkthrough, hope there are Easter eggs in this one.

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    Without the magic potion we all know what the score will be. Lions 15 Gauls nothing.


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