[Music] to assemble and start using your cochlear nucleus seven sound processor you first need to attach the cochlear slim line coil insert the coil cable into the processing unit without twisting until it clicks into place if you are using a rechargeable battery module align the raised marker and arrows towards the back of the processing unit if you are using a disposable battery module align the indents and tamper resistant lock towards the back of the processing unit then to attach the battery module hold it at a slight angle to the sound processor socket once aligned twist the battery module to attach it to the processing unit when it’s M board your sound processor will turn on automatically and a green light will flash to indicate the number of your current program to turn your sound processor off press and hold the button for five seconds for disconnect the battery the light will change to steady orange as the sound processor turns off to turn on again either connect the battery or if the battery is already connected short press the button your clinician can set up your sound processor to turn off automatically when it has been off your implant for two minutes [Music]

Assemble and Turn on Your Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor
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