Noob moment INC Failed here have to restart 🙁 Again another nub moment inc Nice job baddie Distract them my pretty’s /facepalm learn 2 sneak newb GG AWFUL Round 2 Was not looking to the right like an idiot GG NUB LOL @ THAT GUY WHO JUMPED INTO WATER ON OTHER SIDE WTF LOL don’t mind me just checking the closet for ghosts :p Pro skills inc Pro enough for you? LOL I like closet’s Poor guard Should have assassinated them here but oh well hehehe Dude came out of no where -.- My parry skills r so pro… jk :/ Shhh they wont suspect a thing Thanks for watching I hope you liked the video 🙂

Assassins Creed part 2 Storming the castle PC Gameplay

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