I really hate grass, so I turned it off 75 BLUFOR vs 100 OPFOR, using the respawn modules. The mission begins, there are few units in the game. Frame rate is between 35 and 45. The fight begins. Frame rate drops to approximately 30. The number of soldiers in the game increases. The frame rate drops to approximately 25. The number of units in the game is between 100 to 150. The frame rate is dropping. It’s between 15 to 20. The utilization of the first cpu is between 60 to 80%. The other cores falls far behind. Sometimes even the utilization of the first CPU, drops below 50%. Meanwhile, the GPU is only using 25/30% of it’s power. The average CPU usage of all cores, never exceeds 30%

Arma 3 Gameplay. Frame Rate and CPU Analysis, large battle, 64 Bit, GTX 1060
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2 thoughts on “Arma 3 Gameplay. Frame Rate and CPU Analysis, large battle, 64 Bit, GTX 1060

  • September 1, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    there really isn't anything anyone can do for ArmA 3, it is pretty much a game that has always been to heavy on CPU Usage to even play. The oldest of ArmA games probably cannot run by battles even on new CPU's and GPU's. Too bad this game is so unique and interesting, I guess that pretty much raps it up. You can play online however, and that is one of the few ways to successfully minimize performance hits.

  • June 14, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Your frame rate is horrible for the hardware you see running. It must either be the streaming or the fact that the game wasn't as optimized at this point in time. Or you simply needed to clean out your HDD and dust out your pc


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