Good morning guys! How are you all doing? Morning Bert! How are you doing, bro? Anyway guys – how are you all doing? My name is of course Alex. Haven’t had a shower just yet because I’ve
got something that I need to do this morning and I’m planning on going into the gym after
I’ve done this one thing, so I’m not going to have a shower just yet. Right, let’s go and do this thing. We’ll be done in, literally, fifty minutes. Probably about five seconds to you guys.There we go. They’ve replaced my broken lens. I’ve got it back – now I can start the day. Oh my goodness – the worst thing and best
thing has just happened to me. I’ve almost been in tears. Right, so I very rarely include me editing
these vlogs in the vlog – like, I keep that kind of separate. The work that I do to make this a reality
on YouTube, other than picking up a camera, I kind of keep a little bit private. But, I just started editing yesterday’s vlog,
right, and I’ve made this, like, sick drop and stuff. Look at this, ready? I’m going to play it.It’s got that sick drum beat
to it and there was loads of clips and slow mo. and then premier just goes “Media offline”
as if it can’t find the clips. So, I look on my desktop and, surely enough,
whilst I’m sat here editing, they’ve just vanished. They’ve just vanished. Look – premier can’t find then. I usually import my clips to my computer in
the evening, then put the card back in this camera and format it to start the next vlog. But a miracle happened last night. This card that’s currently in my computer,
right – I’d imported everything, taken the card out of the computer, tried to physically
put the card back in this camera but the corner of this memory card chipped off and it wouldn’t
let me put it back in the camera so I put in a different memory card, a spare memory
card that I had, and that’s what I’m using now. So I never formatted the card. All the clips are still on here – oh my goodness. A miracle! It’s a literal miracle! Look, I’ve been downloading programs like
“Recurva” to try, to try and recover deleted files. I don’t know where they went. Oh my goodness. This lens is mad. Now, the main reason that I wanted to pick
up this lens is because I’ve got a main channel video to shoot today. I’m so driven right now and I want to get
back… I want to get back on the main channel. Let’s do… Let’s do my top 5 set up tips. Hello – testing, testing, testing. Microphone – one, two, three. Before I go ahead and do this video, I need
to sort my hair out. And that means I need a shower and if I’m
having a shower, that means I need to go in the gym. Hey, guys – I never really talk about this
but this is how much I’m curling at the moment. I’m only doing this today – this is, like,
brand new for me – I usually don’t do this much. But this is… So, the bar is ten and then there’s five plus
five which makes it twenty and then there’s ten that side which makes it thirty and then
ten that side which makes it forty. If I can do four sets of ten of this, I’ll
be very impressed with myself. 3, 2, 1…You’re interrupting my gym session, Billy. How are you doing, mate? Main channel video all filmed. MAN: …We’re not warm all the time but we
do spend… ALEX: Err, yeah, they should just be on that
switch. Can I go then? MAN: You can. ALEX: Brill, alright, I’ll leave the back
door open for you. MAN: See you later. ALEX: Cheers guys. Put this stuff in there. And now back home – I’m going to try and do
today, this evening, I’ve set myself the task, right – I’ve been to Lincoln today to pick
up a lens, I’ve recorded a main channel video, this evening I’ve got to record some TechFlow
stuff and then I’m going to try and dissect a MacBook.ALEX: Woah! Literal MacBook dissection. Don’t know if this is going to go well or
not. I’m kind of scared. JED: Hellllllo! Kill him! ALEX: That’s a battery. JED: That can’t be a whole ba… It looks like a keyboard. ALEX: Are you ready for this or not? JED: If you break my MacBook, for the record,
if he breaks my MacBook, this is the deal, right. If he breaks this MacBook, right here, he’s
either going to give me this one, brand new, or the old 15 inch one he uses. Guaranteed. JED: Ah!ALEX: Right, here we go Jed. Are you ready for this? This is it.ALEX: Upside down. I’m going to put that down and then put it
on there look, so it’s all safe. We’ve got, like, one screw in the bottom of
it. I swear you can buy, like, a pack of screws
on eBay. JED: Yeah, I know, yeah. ALEX: Are you ready? JED: If this actually works… JED: Don’t put – my mic is here. ALEX: Oh my goodness!ALEX: Please don’t kiss me!I’m going to put that in the
vlog and people are going to think that it’s lit. real. There was that bit… JED: There’s going to be suspicion now, isn’t there? ALEX: There was that bit when I was like,
oh, my boyfriend’s at the door and it was clearly a joke, and then I said, we’re both,
well, I don’t anymore, but we were like: Oh, we’ve both got girlfriends. And then, when I did the video letting everyone
know that I’d broken up with Maria, there were comments saying: He’s definitely broken
up with Maria for Jordan.ALEX: I was like – wow. Wow – do people really think that I swing
that way? ALEX: Go on then, quick, while it’s all ready. If this turns on now, that’ll be…JED: Hell, yeah! ALEX: We did it. Wooh! And that is how you dissect and repair a MacBook Pro battery. Look at the old one, though. Like that is… JED: Battered, isn’t it? ALEX: Look at that, like that’s… JED: I’m surprised that that’s not blown my
leg off. Like, seriously. ALEX: That’s mad that it’s done that. The laptop literally said on the operating system – battery needs replacing with an exclamation mark. And then we take it out and it’s in that condition.ALEX: Ooooh!JED: Wait, look… Imagine if I’d just snapped the screen off,
then?ALEX: See you in a bit. Cheers man. JED: Thank you. ALEX: Are you alright, mate? MAN: Hey. How are we doing? MAN: OK. ALEX: Are we all good up there, yeah? MAN: Yeah, yeah. ALEX: Is that, is that it, then? MAN: No, I’ve got one more. ALEX: Right, OK. They’ve had my music on in here.It’s a tune, to be fair. That window’s open. We need to have a look at what they’ve done,
guys. We need to have a look and see what’s been
done in the office. So, managed to fix Jed’s MacBook. Not 100% sure how. The battery was absolutely destroyed – I’m
surprised that thing still works. We dissembled it with our bare hands looking
at, like, a guide on, on the phone, put a new battery in and it came to life. Bought that battery, not from a genuine Apple
place but, like, from somewhere in China. Absolutely mad. But, let’s take a look up here. It’s literally all plastered except for this
roof bit. But, like, all of this bit is, all of this
wall is here and then all of that wall is down there and then that wall’s plastered
and then that bit is too and then, he’s even filled the floor in down here. That is now all level. Imagine when this is all painted and they’re
all sitting flush in there – it’s going to look so good. He’s only got this bit left to do and that,
guys – we have done this, we have done this and it’s amazing. Absolutely insane. We still need to get the box built in there
but that is coming in due course. It’s absolutely wicked. It’s come along leaps… and bounds. Oh guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed just chilling
today. I’ve had such a chill day and I think I’ve,
I think I’ve really needed it, like, I think I have just really needed it just have a chill
day… Filed a main channel video, I’ve been in the
gym, I’ve been all the way to Lincoln to pick up my lens, I’ve dismantled a MacBook and
replaced its battery. And I’m also doing a vlog. Oooh! Guys, by the way. I’ve had loads of questions saying: Alex,
how are you doing, are you alright, how are you feeling, what’s going down? Yeah, I’m absolutely fine. Obviously, I’m a little bit tender and I’m
a little bit, like, still sore and I’m, obviously, very upset. Erm, I’ve never ever felt anything like this
before in my entire life. I’m absolutely livid, is the word to describe
it. I’m, erm… I’m, I’m absolutely distraught. And, like, loads of people who have been watching
my vlogs and especially friends and stuff, say: Alex, you look like you’re doing a great
job mate. Keep it up. Err, I’ve watched your vlogs, you look very
happy and, yeah, I’m obviously, I’m still carrying on, I’m still gr… I’m not going to let stupid things get in
the way of my grind. But I am a human, you know, I’ve got a heart. And, it has, like – tears have been shed. Put it that way. But as I told you guys, I’ve got that paint
brush in my hand and I’m splashing green all over the place. The live streaming room is looking awesome,
by the way. I’m so happy with that. This MacBook is absolutely terrible, right. I’m going to put my fingerprint on there and
then lock it, right, OK. And then, look how slow – let me turn the
brightness up, can you guys see that? Where’s the mouse? There it is. Look how slow the mouse moves, right. And even when I go to settings and I go to
Trackpad and then, look, it’s on “slow,” right. Tracking speed is on slow. There. Even when I turn it up, right, it doesn’t
go any faster. It goes faster for a second. Look how… Look, I’m moving my finger back and forth
on there and it’s barely moving it. Even if I put it down all the way down to slow,
it still moves the same amount. I just don’t expect that at all. This machine isn’t cheap. I just don’t expect that. It happened when I upgraded to the new software
earlier and then, ever since then, rubbish. I’m going to head to bed, guys. Got to get up and re-record this main channel
in the morning. Super pumped to do that. And, we’ll get up, get up to some cool stuff
tomorrow. I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog. Ready? Adios.

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