Hey Everyone, This is the second part of the ryzen pc build
series. In this video you’ll know which parts did
I choose and why I chose them. Right after this short Intro. My budget was around 45000 but seeing the
price hike in graphics cards and RAM I decided to increase it to 60000. Coming to the selection of parts, I started
by choosing the cpu. First, I was going with the 4 core ryzen 5
1400 but I went with the 6 core,12 thread beast the ryzen 5 1600. The reason was that I needed a more powerful
pc for video editing and gaming and I didn’t want to spend any money on an aftermarket
cooler plus the 1600 was very tempting. Theoretically , it should be better than a
4 core i7 with the word theoretically underlined. Secondly, lets have a look at the graphics
card. I gave it a thought for the gtx 1050ti but
I couldn’t resist my temptation to get a more powerful gtx 1060 . I went with the 3gb
gigabyte windforce model because the 6gb version was too expensive thanks to cryptocurrency
miners. And my decision was right. You’ll get to know in the benchmarks video. Next, I chose the motherboard. I had my eyes on the asus prime b350 plus
full atx motherboard but that went out of stock when i was about to buy it . So, i went
with the asus ROG STRIX B350F motherboard and I am very happy with that choice. I couldn’t justify the extra price for an
x370 motherboard so I went with a b350. Coming to the memory, I went with 8gb corasair
vengeance lpx ram as it was enough for video editing and playing all the modern titles. I didn’t go for dual channel 4gb as I wanted
room for expansion. For storage, I went with the western digital
blue 1TB 7200rpm hard drive and a 120GB wdgreen ssd. I plan on using it as a boot drive and I will
also store some of the frequently used programs on it for faster loading. Now came one of the important choices: the
power supply. I used a lot of websites and the I found coolermaster
psu calculator to be the most accurate. I went with a 500V thermaltake TR2 S power
supply. It has an 80plus efficiency rating and that’s
good enough. The last thing I needed was a nice mid tower
case. A side window is a must nowadays and included
fans help in saving the budget . After a lot of research I went with the antec gx200. I also ordered a LED strip and a fan as extras. I bought all the parts offline as I found
them to be cheaper. But I’ll leave amazon links in the description
if you want to save the hassle. Like the video if you liked it, subscribe
if you loved it and make sure to comment your thoughts below.

AMD Ryzen PC Build India || Gaming PC build || Cheap Budget PC || Parts Description
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6 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen PC Build India || Gaming PC build || Cheap Budget PC || Parts Description

  • June 17, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    Awesome 👍

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    This vedio is really good and helpful…looking forward for forth coming vedios…:-)

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    Nice job bro

  • July 14, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Very very nice video…pls make more longer videos…Congo u earn a sub

  • July 14, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    From where u bought all parts…??


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