hey what’s up everybody exciting news
going on here at Tech in tomorrow now you guys all know that a few weeks back
and video rumored they’d have some new GPUs well now AMD the rumors are
surrounding their camp and this time it’s with the brand-new risin 7 mm
Series CPUs now so far what we think we’re actually seeing is a 2700 or a
2700 X CPU not exactly sure because the graphs and stuff that are floating
around right now are honestly they’re a little bit ambiguous like I can’t you
know put my thumb of approval and say hey these are actually real results but
there’s this website that’s out there and they’ve released these results that
are rumored to be you know the latest CPU coming from AMD now here are a bunch
of different graphs that they showed on their website it shows the different
various aspects of the CPU although it’s shown as future CPU it doesn’t actually
show you what exact CPU it is because obviously it’s under NDA and who knows
if honestly this is even it but from these scores what you guys can see if
these CPUs come out and this is a 2700 or 27 X CPU these things are really
kicking some serious butt even beating the top-of-the-line Intel CPU which we
know that comes to market at a lot of money and B usually doesn’t have CPUs
there to off the hook they’ve had him a couple times over a
thousand dollars but I think that was more just to like you know just a poke
in the side there earlier than anything else so if AMD can actually have a new
2700 or 27x CPU and come out and kick out a lot of butt and beat Intel I know
that a lot of people out there going to be very stoked plus from what I’m
reading they’ll still stay on the same a m4 platform which means you want to buy
a new motherboard you won’t have to buy a new memory you’ll have to do any of
that stuff you can use your pre-existing board your pre-existing memory slap that
CPU in and be up and going so that’s it right now folks not a lot
out whether these you know benchmarks that we’re seeing have any accuracy or
any truth I don’t know but the rumor mill is what it is and the rumor now is
AMD risin 7 mm to P use coming to market pretty soon honestly I hope they come
out and they kick a lot of butt like they’re showing that would be just
amazing and if the as correct as well that will be even
better AMD guys I know you guys are really
waiting cuz you guys always want an AMD to come ahead beat the competition beat
Nvidia beat until just beat everybody up team AMD well AMD has made radical
strides in the last few years now the only thing I can see on the GPU side of
things with video cards that people just aren’t making enough of what’s out there
the shortage of video cards right now is got insane I’ve heard rumors that these
companies are doing this stuff on purpose just to get prices to you know
fly off the hand and that’s just ridiculous so hopefully though AMD’s
rides in 7 2000 series CPUs hopefully they’ll hit the market pretty soon will
they be as fast as they’re rumored to be the heck if I know
but hey the future will tell when it gets here you know all happen on the
table for you like usual I’ll have a link down below to the information I
showed you guys in this video make sure you hit that like button if you did and
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guys back out here peace

AMD Ryzen 7 2000 CPU Rumors – Finally An Intel Killer?
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