hey guys ECR G here we’re back with
another video today we’re going to be talking about handy computer trackers
handy computer items that a CRA would keep on their computer just to be handy
and things that are so important on a daily on a day to day basis daily basis
that you use and refer to on it all the time so these are those items that I’m
talking about here first and foremost we’ve got the FAQ log or the Q&A log
these are common questions that sites have asked in the past usually can be
dealing with concomitant medications that are not specified in the protocol
that patients end up taking these can be any questions popular questions that
cite to ask that may be nuanced or not nuanced about common questions that
sites may ask that people would think that other sites will ask in the future
so they put them on this log so they can be easily searched for and referenced in
the future that’s the Q&A log one of the most important logs we did a video on it
before I’m trying to think what the name of that video was maybe a series best
friend or something like that anyway if you want to learn more about that log
you can watch that video but that’s one of the things that’s kept on my computer
at all times because you never know when a site’s gonna call or email with some
questions or have some questions about something like that that’s the first
thing I always check the Q&A log the next thing I keep up is typically either
a site management tracker we have a site management tracker because that’s gonna
have the sites that everybody is assigned to all the cedar A’s are
assigned to so that’s sent out typically whenever it’s updated it’s sent out by
the usually the Litzy array or the clinical trial lead on the study that’s
gonna have a list of all of the sites on the study as long along with their
contact information email address fax number anything you
need to get in touch with anybody at this site it’s gonna have the P I study
coordinator any research assistants you know if any pharmacists information on
there any and everybody that you need to contact at the site even sub odds will
be on there any Raiders if you’re doing any CNS trials are gonna be on there and
they’re gonna have their contact information there so you can reach out
and contact them so I keep that up at all times because you never know when
you need to send a quick email or give us site a quick phone call
so that’s kept up and there’s also gonna be you know especially it gets nuanced
if there are if there are different aspects of a let’s say there’s like PK
or main aspects of a site you know if there are different cohorts and
different sites are randomized to different cohorts and things like that
so that’s very important to always have up on your computer because you never
know when you’re gonna need to contact somebody from that site so that’s always
up always always always and it specially important if you are a
CRA on multiple studies which a lot of people are you very rarely are allocated
fully to one protocol you’re typically going to be on two sometimes three but
probably definitely more than one typically so you keep those up at all
times let’s see another thing I keep up and I
use OneNote for all of my management that’s pretty much how I do my either
any calls or visits in that form on my one note I will typically write down a
lot of the information that is with the site any pertinent information will be
kept on the OneNote file I will also have email addresses for site person now
and contact information there as well so even though I do keep the site
management tracker up that also has information you can never be too
redundant because you want to be able to think okay I need
this you don’t want to have to flinch or anything like that when wanting to get
some information you want it to be somewhat redundant so one note was
always kept up if I need to refer to something you know did we talk about
this last time I talked to the site it’s always good to be able to refer to that
and the one note you know and there’s different nuances and different notes in
there too late did they have a report in sae last time
you can refer to that also in your last report but reports aren’t always kept up
on the computer for sure but one note is that’s a different definitely a place
where take a lot of notes and you can always refer back and forth there if
need be so that is always kept up on the computer as well let’s see what other
what other trackers there are next thing that is always kept up on the computer
always always always is the protocol as a monitor as a person on the clinical
operations side you have got to be well-versed in the protocol but
obviously you’re not gonna memorize everything these protocols are hundreds
of pages usually so I always keep a version of the protocol the most recent
version or sometimes if there’s a new version that came out a new update and
not all of the sites are gonna be with that update at the same time so you’re
gonna need two versions of the protocol up so that’s always kept up on the
computer as well so – so I always hate usually having to restart my computer
because then I gotta go dig all that stuff up again but trust me it’s a lot
better having it up and easily accessible than having to go dig for it
every single time you want to use it because I use all these things on a
day-to-day basis literally daily I’m referring to the Q&A log for some
questions site to asking or I’m referring to site management tracker
because I need to reach out to the site for something or I’m referring someone
note because I you know maybe we discuss something and I need to give some
information to somebody or they’re asking me a question that
about some aspect of the protocol so I need to go digging the protocol and read
it and understand a little bit more about what they’re asking so that’s
important to know so protocol is always up QA log is
always up site management tracker is always up and that’s it for these
tracker main trackers those are bread-and-butter trackers I always keep
up on a day-to-day basis and that’s just because they’re referred to on a day to
day basis so hope that helps you guys ask questions down below maybe if I
didn’t explain some of the trackers enough or want to know more about a
little bit more in depth to these trackers maybe I can even show you how
to create these trackers if need be a lot of these trackers are created by the
project team so yeah someone on the project team
usually creates them and distributes them is responsible for maintaining the
trackers so it’s a monitor I’m not really in charge of updating the tracker
in that regard I’m just in charge of I’ll tell the project team you know if
if there’s a turnover and the site staff they got a new study coordinator or
something but they’re in charge of making sure that the trackers updated
and up-to-date for me so I’m that’s well appreciated and these trackers are so
important we’ve talked about the importance of the QA log and I think
that’s the most important one honestly it saved me so many times when sites ask
questions and I just don’t know the answer and a lot of the times you know
it’s the same question that other sites may have so that’s awesome that they
created a log that’s so high-yield so I’m a big fan of that log so if you
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Always Open Computer Items As A Clinical Research Associate

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