(upbeat music) – Microsoft Power Platform
is a low-code development platform, to enable the last
mile of digital transformation. It includes Power BI,
PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow, and makes it easy to build
dashboards, applications, and workflows that your business needs. I’m happy and incredibly
excited to introduce AI Builder, a new capability of the Power Platform. Whether you’re an experienced AI developer or a business expert, AI Builder helps you intuitively add AI to your applications. Add human-like capabilities
to intelligently automate processes and tasks. Or tailor your own AI solutions or deploy templates that
work right out of the box, adding into your existing applications. AI Builder puts the power
of AI into the hands of the people moving your business forward with a point and click experience, harvesting all your
business data and sources on the secure Microsoft platform. – PowerApps allows employees to easily create applications for your business. AI Builder now provides a
way for those app makers to intuitively add AI
to their application. (upbeat music) With AI Builder, you can build an AI model to help you automatically identify and track your products
using object detection. Train your AI solution, and leverage the pre-built AI Builder modules to easily incorporate it
into your applications. Allow any user of that application to harness the benefits of
AI right from within the app. (upbeat music) You can also use your existing business data to predict
business outcomes. Using the intuitive, guided experience, you can use AI Builder
to create and customize an AI prediction model and easily consume the results right from
within your existing apps. For example, you can
make intelligent decisions based on the prediction model
built into the processes. AI Builder provides a similar
experience for Flow as well, right from within Flow, so
employees can add intelligence into their workflows without any coding. (upbeat music) If you are a hospital or in
the hospitality industry, and would like to improve healthcare or customer service that you provide, you can use AI to automate
customer feedback process. Take the feedback that you
receive from your customers, as well as the categories
that you want to use, and in just 3 steps, AI Builder will create an AI model for you. You can use this AI
model in your workflows to classify new customer
feedback as you receive them. (upbeat music) You can also use AI Builder
to increase your productivity, using the Forms processing solution. Use AI Builder’s point
and click experience to specify the information you want to extract from your forms, train your model, and use it in Flow. Use this model, to create
an intelligent workflow that will process those forms and automatically extract
relevant information. As you can see, it is now very easy to build your own AI using an intuitive interface across many different solutions. And as part of Power Platform, AI Builder can leverage your existing data and results across all your existing business processes, PowerApps
and Dynamics applications. Make your workflows and applications more efficient with AI today. Try AI Builder now! Be a part of the
transformational journey with us. (upbeat music)

AI Builder is now available

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