a good atmospheric came across a sweet
tool for adjusted gross income calculator
triggered a the Bible working with mister Michael was back
actually is %uh the developer with his partner on eighty system call
movie writer and what is basically last us loan
officers communicate with underwriters on exactly
how we came up with the income another on same page works awesome I and is actually really easy to use so I wanted to share with you and
hopefully up your business a little bit to stay with us really go through this
week demonstration exactly how it works at we talk might Mike Cruz yet to be
determined so can you tell us a little bit why me
you go ahead and divall system like this we’ve got
nothing more than 20 years investor offers buyers loan officers
spent 14 years on remand resigned supervisor chief credit officer
went to john was when I was on the operations side was
commuting income I mean you have a 44.9 and you’ve got a
car unreimbursed expenses Yuasa delia bad rockman realtor it was a
referral partners year use your comp is marketed we go out
there lot owners have Excel spreadsheet gym but they’re not dynamic on you have one thing in common they are
all separate so I pero my partner David Starn who is a
software designer and took my Andre knowledge we bill
online income analysis tool it does everything from our the
borrowers and all we have to 1120 corporations your bar with you’re not
invest in properties no problem you playing with my schedule you does
all that properly his program right thing for him and on and you have a program units that
operate the answer whether he had one job for twenty imprints no income or cheesy easy with
your processor or your underwear set is 25 min
exchanges that important about highly capita income I so it sometime in
addition same no doubt and it is simple %uh let’s take
a look at it exactly how easy it is to use okay okay
guys what we’ve done is we’ve already logged into greater that are free account we have john doe
here’s john has worked two jobs report and also a schedule C business so after you entered in the income type
is quick already income stream you can see in this case we’re two
hundred verses expenses got it army job board reprogramming
irate typing what you see in the bldg it
automatically calculates the overtime bonus for you happy a big companies my here now wanna keep
you to read it many people like is like here’s a schedule C a lot of
times it’s hard to remember or you know the calendar doesn’t how you
what wind turbine information the program schedule C where pops out
where you find that look at 9:30 looking line 30 rainfall and their on american-owned
rules for you income soared watch it uptake calculation and knows
how to calculate pollen come first together use your grant or your 5933 now you simply go the income worksheet
over here now a document that Kenya for you can
pass on to your processor underwriter our guys is a quick your
review a adjusted gross income calculator Raiders pre you can separate freak out
you can use it check it out give us some feedback and last night our guys appreciate and
have a great one in %uh do do

Adjusted Gross Income Calculator – So Easy! – Tax return and paycheckcalculator

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    Adjusted gross income calculator – Tax Returns and Paycheck Calculator

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  • April 8, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    Ok so I thought you were going to tell us how to do the agi smh…


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