At Logic Supply we’re doing embedded
differently. Helping companies create next-generation devices, build out the
Internet of Things, and make the world smarter. Our hardware lives in extreme
environments and at the core of today’s intelligent systems. Engineering small
highly reliable computers, our solutions are created to resist dust, heat, and
vibration, and meet the needs of the most demanding applications, including
industrial control, security and surveillance, manufacturing, and data
acquisition. At Logic Supply, we’ve got a next-generation approach to industrial
computing. Accessible engineers. Rapid customization through modular hardware.
Online configuration tools and same-day ordering. And a full-service engineering
through mass production program for OEMs. For more than a decade we’ve been driven
by the principles of innovation, speed, and reliability.
The result is operations on four continents, tens of thousands of
customers, and a brighter future. We invite you to build tomorrow with us.

About Logic Supply – Industrial & Embedded Computers

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