Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here,
armed with my cup of tea as always. So, with the recent talk of the Playstation Neo and
the equivalent XBox, it got me thinking – one of the advantages of console was that when
someone bought one, they knew that the console would have a set life – say 4 to 5 years before
a hardware specification change took place. Now, it seems that is no longer the case – effectively
we are going to have multiple tiers of the same PS4/XBox One. For those of a similar age to me, you might
remember something similar with the Commodore Amiga. First there was the A500 that was more
or less ubiquitous, then there was the A600 which ‘replaced’ it and then we had the A1200.
In short, developers ended up catering to the most common denominator (the A500) and
often owners had a nightmare making sure that a game would work with their ‘Amiga’. I wonder
if we will face a similar situation here….? Anyway, some console owners may be thinking
that now is a good time to leave consoles behind and get into PC gaming – to kill their
console and buy something that can be upgraded on their terms, not Sony or Microsoft’s. With
that in mind, I’ve specc’d out a Mini-ITX gaming PC that I think will be a good build
and a console killer that should beat off the Playstation Neo or the XBOX One point
5. Starting off with the CPU, I am recommending
the Intel Pentium G3460. I’m not recommending an AMD processor because I want to try and
keep the heat down a bit in what will be an enclosed, small case. The FX chips are an
aging design so rather than buy one of those, I am suggesting the G3460 because it’s a bargain.
The G3460 is a socket 1150 processor, which runs at 3.5GHz and has two cores. If funds
become available, then this could be replaced with a i5-4690 or similar, but this is a sweet
deal. At £50.99 from Amazon at the time of recording, this is a cheap, reliable processor
that should be able to handle current games for the time being. For a cooler, I am suggesting that you bin
the one that comes with the G3460 and replace it with an aftermarket one. As this is a Mini-ITX
build, we want to include a low profile cooler to ensure that airflow is not obstructed and
give room for any cabling. The cooler I am recommending is the Noctua NH-L9i which is
£41.99 from Amazon at the time of recording this video. I have a Noctua cooler in my current
PC and whilst they are not the cheapest, they are quality bits of kit which I recommend
without hesitation. For memory I am recommending 8 gigabytes of
Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 memory – a 1600MHz kit comprised of two 4GB DIMMS. 8GB is the
bare minimum and if funds permit, I would definitely recommend getting a 16GB kit instead.
Having said that, the 8GB kit is £30.48 from Amazon at the time of recording this video.
Ballistix Sport memory is very low profile, which won’t be an issue for any CPU cooler. In the storage department, I am skipping a
mechanical hard drive in this build. If you want one, I’d recommend the Western Digital
1TB Blue which is available for about £40. What I am recommending for this build is just
a SSD; to that end I am recommending the Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB SSD. The Samsung 850 Evo drives
are amazing and considered to be the best SSDs to buy – whilst not really being much
more expensive than other brands – some of which quote some data transfer rates which
are very misleading. The 500GB 850 Evo is available from Amazon at the time of recording
for £113.49. For the case, I’ve had a look at different
mini-ITX cases. I was looking at cases from Fractal Design, as they make great cases – but
they didn’t seem to be available at the time so I am recommending the Cooler Master Elite
130 – a mini-ITX cube case, but one which also accepts ATX power supplies. The Elite
130 is £45 from Amazon at the time of recording this video. For a power supply, I’ve recommended this
PSU many times before – the Seasonic S12-II 620w 80+ bronze certified power supply. A
power supply is one area of the build that you should never skimp on, but having said
that the S12-II is reasonably priced at £69.76 from Amazon at the time of recording. For a graphics card, I am recommending a card
from team red – arguably a brilliant ‘bang for buck’ card, the Asus R9 380X 4GB Strix
graphics card. This is a great card that compares directly to the GTX 970 but is about £70
cheaper. The R9 380X will play most modern games with frame rates over 60fps at 1080p
whilst keeping playable frame rates at 1440p. The R9 380X is available from Amazon for £214.99
at the time of recording this video. The total price of this build is £624.69
at the time of recording this video in April 2016. This is a great console replacement
build and one which is a great entry to PC gaming for a reasonable price. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and perhaps
found it useful. If you have, drop a like on the video and share it with your friends.
I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with my cup of tea as always and I will see you all in the
next video – bye now.

A console killer PC build for April 2016

5 thoughts on “A console killer PC build for April 2016

  • April 26, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Great build. This is a great time to get into PC gaming as it's cheaper as ever, you can get yourself a nice gaming PC for the price of a Xbox One or PS4 at launch.

  • April 26, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    It is basically a nice build but I personally would not recommend starting out that low. At least for the processor. Buying a dual-core nowadays will get you some issues in modern games that would run on medium settings with a quadcore. It is indeed a nice setup for someone coming from an older console, still I would always recommend to people I have built gaming rigs for to save up a bit more cash for at least a setup with a bit more bang.
    Most consolegamers are in some ways dedicated gamers and I do not think that a system like that will make a lot of sense in the long run.

    Games for a certain consolegeneration will stay playable as long as games are developed for it while steam machines on the lower power end will struggle at some point. I believe this will be the case pretty fast.

  • April 26, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    But, can it play Uncharted?. – I love when console fanboys pull the Uncharted or Halo argument out of the hat.

  • April 28, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    As good as this sounds, I will stick to my Xbox One and Wii U xD

  • September 27, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Hey mate, really enjoyed the video. I'm look to ditch my PS4 and have a budget of around £500! Was the build relatively easy? I'm an absolute noob. Cheers


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