We arrived at the danger zone. Soon we’re going
to tell you what it’s all about this time. [Musik] After more than a year, we have spared neither expenses
nor effort to shoot a new „PCGH in danger“ and drove more than 600 kilometers
to the Netherlands. We’ve been invited by Trotec company and
Josef will show us the possibly largest and most mobile
fan in the world. Damn the minimum wage, you have to do everything yourself. We can’t even afford new interns anymore and still people are wondering why there’s
only one new video every one or two years. [Musik] By now, I think shredding spoiled food is morally condemnable and because we don’t
have any non-spoiled food at hand in the Netherlands, I won’t stick any
carrots, bananas or anything else into the fan. Well, what’s the point of having the largest fan
in the world when there are no LEDs? That would lower the fan’s score in the review table.
Case modding is hot right now, so what’s wrong with some
case modding? [Musik] Trotec is renting out the TTW 400000,
so what is this fan typically used for?
Well, this huge fan is used for ventilaton in halls, for ventilation in tunnels,
it was used by Daimler for Sprinter tests… one like the one behind us is
arround 50,000 Euros including VAT. Because it can’t be connected
to the usual wall outlet, we need a generator and that’s around
twelve, thirteen thousand Euros. Oh, that‘s expensive. Yes. In principle, this is relatively efficient – you only need
one single fan for your PC – but efficiency depends on your point of view. At 24 cent per kilowatt-hour I’d have to pay 23.000 Euros per year to run it, if I‘d play three hours a day. Does the fan have enough power to take off, if I tilt his over now?
If we’d put it upright, it would continue to rotate, but no effect would be achieved. Oh, bummer! The wing is made out of die-cast aluminum and achieves
its full power at 738 RPM. Everything below 800 revolutions
should be a super-silent fan, so we have to measure the volume now. We’ll do that right away. [Musik] Now we will measure the wind speed – let’s see if it will blow me away. [MUSIK] The fan is too noisy to understand the presenter at this point. [MUSIK] Here we have 2.37 meters.
Screws are not using standard positions, so case installation may be difficult.
The fan isn’t decoupled either, so Silent-Freaks might be disappointed. Some points for the
fan control. It can be ajdusted continuously.
The weight is 2.8 metric tons, power consumption is 90,000 watts –
provided by this generator. Cable length around 5 metres.
The most important questions that are of interest now: Can this fan be overclocked,
will it blend and what happens, if you put Stephan Wilke’s beard
into this fan? Now we will remove this standard heatsink, but before that we’lll measure the normal value. We’ll try to cool this PC
with that one fan. Because Intel’s CPUs are just too expensive
and we still wanted to use a top CPU, we’ll take an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
with 8 CPU cores. The exciting question is: C
an the processor be cooled without heatsink? We will turn the fan on now. [MUSIK] So, first conclusion. The processor is still alive,
the protection circuits did work. After starting Prime95, the PC
turned itself off completely. Now for the second test: we will repeat the same experiment with a Geforce GTX 1060. We’ll try and see if it can survive the test without cooler. [MUSIK] The graphics card runs astonishlingly well
without heatsink, but it also downclocks the GPU quite a bit,
that’s why 3DMark is stuttering so much and the temperature isn’t
quite okay, either. [Musik]
If you don’t want to wait another year for a new video of „PCGH in danger“,
just give us a thumps up or subscribe to the channel. I’d say we’ll be back with a new video in 2022 and now
I’m putting myself in real danger. [Musik] Domestic pig

90.000-Watt-Lüfter kühlt AMD Ryzen CPU | PCGH in Gefahr

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