Hey, it’s Annmarie was
Speak Confident English. This is exactly where you want to be
to get the confidence you want for your life and your work in English and
your English conversations as well. Especially right now it’s December
and where I live in the United States, that means it’s the holiday season. The holiday season is that period of time. That starts with Thanksgiving at the
end of November and it goes all the way through the beginning of
January with the new year. That also means it’s the season
of holiday parties with friends, neighbors, family and coworkers, so if you’re dreading your next holiday
party because it means that you’ll need to do some English conversation. I
want to make that easier for you. In this lesson, I have eight questions you can use to
start conversations in English with anyone. No matter how shy or nervous you feel
and we’ll talk about who do you use those questions with. For example, what kinds of questions can you use
if you’re chatting with your boss at a holiday party or what questions would
be better for a sit down dinner? I also want to share with you one
secret tip I have for how to make conversations in English easier. Then at the end I want to share with you
my new favorite conversation question. If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you probably know my old favorite
question for starting conversations, but I recently heard a new one that I
absolutely love and I’m excited to share it with you. Whether you have an after
work cocktail party, a neighborhood holiday party or a
night out with friends and colleagues. Today’s lesson is going to give you eight
questions that are perfect to use at this time of year, but if you want to go more in depth
on how to be interesting in English conversations. I have a whole lesson on that topic and
I’ll share a link to it just below this video, but let’s talk specifically about
eight questions that are fantastic for starting conversations at holiday parties. We’re going to start with
the most difficult situation
of all and that is when you want to start a conversation with
your boss or senior level management at a work holiday party. This is always a delicate
situation because you know
you should go talk to your boss at a holiday party but you
might not be sure what to talk about. And there are some things we
definitely avoid. For example, you don’t want to talk too much about
work at a party and you definitely don’t want to share too many personal details
or personal drama when you’re chatting with your boss. So here are three great questions
you can use to start a conversation. Number one. So how did you become the ___ and then
include the job title for example, how did you become the creative
director here at the agency? Number two, how did you get started in ____ and
then include the profession or industry? For example, how did you get started in accounting or
how did you get started in advertising? A similar one is what got you
interested in architecture. And number three, what’s the best
career advice you’ve ever received? Now let’s step back for a moment because
the truth is you would not walk over to your boss at a party and immediately
ask one of those questions. Instead, we would start with a little bit of chit
chat or small talk and then transition into one of those more
meaningful questions. Instead, you might start with something
like, Hey, how’s it going? Do you have any plans for the holidays
or are you ready for the holidays? And then after a little bit of small talk, you can transition into that
more meaningful conversation. You might use something like,
so I’ve always wanted to ask, how did you get into
marketing? In that example, I used the word so to help me
transition from one topic to the next. If you want to learn more about this
tiny little word that we use a lot in English, I have a whole
lesson on the word, so it’s a great word to
know how to use well, especially when you’re using it
to transition in a conversation. Now that you’ve got some great
questions for your boss or senior level management, let’s move into more
casual conversations that are perfect. When you want to get to know your
colleagues better chat with neighbors at a holiday party or when you’re
at a night out with friends. The first one is what podcasts
are you into these days? If you’ve been following me for awhile,
you know I often use this expression, what are you into these days? It’s a very popular expression right now
and it means what do you enjoy or what do you like? What do you
spend your time doing? A very common question right now is
what podcasts are you into these days? Everyone wants to find
a new favorite podcast. A similar question is what are you binge
watching these days or what shows are you watching on Netflix? The second question you can ask for
casual conversations is what do you love about the holiday season or what do
you hate about the holiday season? If you’re talking to native speakers, you might also hear
them say something like, what do you love about this time of year? And when they say this time of year, what they mean is this holiday
period or holiday season. And question number three is what is the
best or most interesting thing that has happened to you this year? What I love about all three of those
questions is that they are perfect for anyone and you’re not talking about work. You’re definitely getting into topics
that are much more interesting. Now, all of those are great if you’re at a
cocktail party or a casual holiday party, but what if you’re invited to someone’s
home for dinner or to a restaurant for dinner? In those situations, the conversations are much more intimate
and usually everyone is involved. A great question you can
ask to get everyone talking
is what do you think is the best invention in the last 100 years? Or you could do the opposite and say, what do you think is the most destructive
invention of the last 100 years? Those two questions will definitely get
everybody talking and here’s a bonus one. This is one of my favorites. What is the best life advice
you’ve ever received? Again, you can definitely get some interesting
conversations going around the dinner table with that question. Okay. We have just one more question that is
great for holiday parties in English. And it’s my new favorite question.
But before I share that with you, I want to talk about how to make
English conversations easier for you. A successful conversation doesn’t
mean that you only started, it means that you participate
in that conversation. And I know that that can
be really challenging when
you feel nervous or unsure about what to say. So here’s
my number one tip. First, prepare two or three questions that you
would like to ask people before you go to the party. Be ready to ask them, even practicing them out loud so that
you won’t forget them in the moment. And second, always prepare your own answer to
those questions. And here’s why. If you ask someone a question like
what’s the best life advice you’ve ever received, they will give you an answer
and then they will probably say, and what about you? They are going
to return that question to you. So if you have two or three questions
prepared and you already know how you would answer them, you are ready to be more successful
in your conversations in English. Now let’s talk about my
new favorite question. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you definitely know that one of my
favorite questions is what is the most interesting thing you’ve
seen or heard recently? It always creates great conversation
and I still love that question, but recently I heard this. What do you wish you were
doing more of in your life? I love, love, love that question. It is perfect for anyone. It’s casual and meaningful
at the same time. It’s a positive question to ask and no
matter who you’re talking to there will definitely be an answer. This is definitely the question I will
be asking it all the holiday parties I go to this year and maybe
next year as well. It’s, it’s also the challenge
question I have for you today. We’re getting close to the end of 2019
and I know all of us are thinking about our 2020 plans. It’s the end of a year and the
end of a decade. So I’m curious, as you prepare to go into 2020 what do
you wish you were doing more of in your life? I would love to know your
answer, that question. As always, you can share with me in the comment
section just below this video. If you found this lesson useful to
you, please be sure to let me know. And you can do that in three
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know who could use some help at their next holiday party in English. With
that, thank you so much for joining me. Have a fantastic week and I’ll see you
next time for your Confident English lesson.

8 Conversation Questions for Holiday Parties [English Conversation]

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