$10 PC – What Can You Get? PART 1. okay this is the $10 computer I got at
the thrift store now I’m hoping it’s I don’t know I’m hoping that’s aim three
but it does say a.m. D business class so it might be something different um
mostly when I got it was because it was one of the newer ones there was one
other one but it was in 84 and I decided to get it cuz this blu-ray disc player
was left in it and that’s worth the $10 right there I mean if I have to I can
take it out and sell it and then recoup the money that I put into this one so
not a bad deal you can kind of tell she’s a bit dirty um on the outside but
we’ll take a look in here in a minute and see how it looks it’s really not too
bad a shape I don’t even see any scratches on the front faceplate just
like I said really dirty and on top – same thing kind of real minimal scuffs
and stuff it is definitely really dirty you don’t know it words then farewell I
guess somewhere that a lot of dust and looks like hair and other things that
just collected up there on top of it there’s the top so you can tell you know
it’s not physically in too bad a condition aside see if the camera will
focus there it is kind of there we go and it’s not too bad either
like I said here’s maybe the only significant scratch on the side right
there and then it’s pretty nice looking in and over here it’s a Lenovo
ThinkCentre some reason I’ve got a bit of a glare thing off this right here so
yeah there we go okay yeah Lenovo ThinkCentre Windows Vista it seemed a
little more about I don’t know if it works or what might work because they
wrote out you know what was on it and stuff at this thrift store so I do have
another PC I’ve been meaning to get to you guys from a garage sale I got last
year I dunno it’s not too bad for what I paid this one note another one
I don’t know what it’s gonna end up being there’s another thirst or I go to
where they have computers like this but they hide them somewhere in the back and
they leave like a note out on the wall and it’ll tell you what it has well did
you say not they’re not any good really and they want like 50 $60 for there’s
this one I mean this place was reasonable at least they didn’t have a
dual-core lj7 75 which would be okay if you were internet browsing and you know
playing light games or whatever you could definitely make a decent system
out of the other one this one I don’t know what it is for sure it’s AMD if its
business class okay so we’re gonna take the side panel off it’s got a single
like finger tightening slash um like a screw nut thing I’m gonna be cut no it’s
just a screw okay try to get it off there it’s on there pretty tight seems I
did it dirt in there okay for one that’s me that’s a power supply somebody added
later Dynex I think that’s brand by Best Buy actually these two got SATA look at
that SATA Santa here it’s got snooty cables it looks like the thing is a 400
watt power supply right there so it’s okay and we’ll do some you know good as
far as you know believe me you look at the back of that car that is so
disgusting there’s like fur everywhere in there there’s like let’s flip it on
its side real quick okay so let’s take a look in there the
power supply is not nearly as dirty as it appears so I would assume whoever put
that in put it in later and never bothered to clean much in here say
you’ve got a sink is a little bit dusty not too bad it looks like I mean
considering the rest of the case it’s not too bad
let me take that look at that Samsung Ram one gigabyte and it’s PC Chu so yep
there’s four of them so that’s four gigabytes total of RAM on that right
there’s that I mean that’s a small heat sink right there AMD I don’t know what
they call them on AMD so probably the same thing but just in case then there’s
what’s sick there’s firewire ports that have been installed on that card right
there 1394 but it’s on a PCI slot and I wouldn’t think that the speeds would be
utilized on this on the old PCI not PCI Express like this one here is that GPU
let’s take that off lay that dust in there that’s some gross ass shit add
this whatever company had this did not maintain it real well they must have
blowing this out a few times in the past because that’s surprisingly less than
this look at this up here look how much dirt and crud it’s just like it’s just
packed in there entirely blocking the air except for at that bottom corner
right there so let’s see what kind of card they’re putting this thing let me
look and see no that’s so weird oh yeah it’s got a clip on it right over here
get it off it’s Nvidia so it’s pretty old and video
with them Spang get it out yeah there we go
okay whoa look at that the sting is coming off right up here
okay so it’s an Nvidia and picked the camera back up
sorry I couldn’t tripod at it but I thought it’d be kind of hard to show off
what I’m doing on the tripod okay what do we got here for this old of a card I
mean it looks like it’s ancient look at that dirt in it I mean it needs a good
cleaner as well okay so let’s get that out of the way and then you can see down
in there huh dirty dirty that thing is well this does have a 6 pin for graphics
cards so that’s kind of nice right there anyway so no I mean this is interesting
also take it all apart and clean it up good kids definitely isn’t clean at all
really took us they left the hard drive in for one that’s unusual to see with
business it’s a senior I can’t really tell what
it says though it’s 320 gigabytes so not a real big one but that’s common in the
Vista era so I’m gonna guess it’s probably you say an iPhone or something
like that but I don’t know for sure there’s not too dirty so worried so much
about it I do got to get I do have to get a lot of that out of there cuz that
is a ton of crud it’s pretty much bluffed up that whole air vent right
there okay well this is dirty maybe one of the
dirtiest has seen but it’s not as bad as I remember when I first looked I had to
be honest I took a look earlier so that’s a graphics card
it’s a mystery card I don’t know what it is exactly and the rest of this needs
cleaned up pretty good so I think that’s what I’ll end up doing right now work on
cleaning it up and we’ll fire it up so at least that’s a decent power supply
it’s not like a really sweet-ass power supply but it’s a
bring me even though it’s not like a like an EVGA or something like that it’s
die next and I never they are it feels you know I haven’t lifted it yet but it
feels like it’s made of decent quality so okay well let me shut this off quit
showing you guys some boring ass old computer that right there though
before I do that’s partly why I got it some I’m probably just gonna take that
out that blu-ray disc player alright well that’s it for now let me do some
cleaning on this and I’ll show you guys afterwards alright you Thanks for watching. Athlon dual core $10 PC Lenovo Thinkcentre budget pc.

$10 PC – What can you get? – PART 1
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5 thoughts on “$10 PC – What can you get? – PART 1

  • January 24, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    $10 only! Wtf?

  • January 24, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    400 subs baby!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️👍 Congratulations

  • January 24, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    congratulations for 400 subscribers !

  • January 24, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Oh god! I would never let my pc get this dirty. Yuck!

  • January 24, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    The case could need some cleaning and lots of cutting.

    I demand make a sleeper build inside the Lenovo case.

    The CPU could be put to use in a retro pc build with the motherboard and a nice used gpu like the GTX 750Ti.


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