so this is the latest generation a
Raspberry Pi 4b now if you don’t know what Raspberry Pi is it’s a small single
board computer about the size of a credit card that could use for pretty
much anything at home so you could use it as a desktop computer you could use
it as a VPN server you could use it as a media server you could use it as a retro
games console really guys the possibilities are endless
now the cheapest version of this which is the wonky gram model only cost 35
dollars so it’s a great way to get your kids into computing maybe if they want
to learn coding or maybe he’ll do some projects around the house like sarpy own
DNS server or your entertainment center you can do all of that a very
competitive price now why I actually have in this box is a complete starter
kit from a company called lobbyists so many thanks to them for sending this out
for review so just looking on the box here we could see that this contains a
1.5 gigahertz quad-core 64-bit CPU and we can see in the front here does say
this is three times faster than the previous models and we see this does
have both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi let’s just open that up
ok so first up we’ve got the power adapter and this is running off USB
type-c let’s put that down we get a small fan now one of the things I did
read up online was these devices can get hot if they’re not properly ventilated
or properly cold now the CP on this will start throttling if the temperature
reaches around about 80 or 85 degrees so this is one of the benefits of having a
starter kit because you’ll get things like the fan you’ll also get some heat
sinks and this also comes with a case giving your Raspberry Pi the best chance
to stay as cool as possible let’s put that down okay so we get a mini HDMI to
full size HDMI cable we get some screws for the fan make a couple of small heat
sinks and this does come with a 32 gig memory card now this already has the
noobs software on there a noob stands for new out-of-the-box software and it’s
a great software for beginners because this will allow you to choose exactly
what you want to install on your Raspberry Pi so this comes pre-installed
you get small screw driver and this was the case I was talking about so this
should give you a device article cooling and should have access to all the ports
that you need and this is where I’m gonna be installing that small fan and
you get small memory card reader and here it is guys so here is the Raspberry
Pi 4 model B and mine is the forged model I mean
a device of this size something this small that has four gigs of DDR for RAM
has a 64-bit quad-core CPU has two micro HDMI ports giving you 4k 60 frames per
second output you get 2 USB 3 ports and you get 2 USB to ports and these are
full-size USB ports I’m looking at you second generation for TV cube Gigabit
Ethernet 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi bluetooth 5.0 and all these great specs in a computer
that’s the size of a credit card I mean really what a time to be alive I said
open that up and this is it guys all of that I just mentioned is on this small
size computer here so really does look very impressive for what it is so this
is everything you get inside the starter kit I think for now I’m just gonna plug
in the power cable and the mini HDMI just to show you how easy is to
configure this then we can then add in the extra cooling and fan depending on
the time we have left on this video ok so I’ll just plugged in the USB type-c
power cable are plugged in the mini HDMI lead over here just 2 cables so far I’m
now going to plug in this 32 gig memory card now as previously mentioned this
only contains the noob software which is all we need to get up and running so
let’s now plug this in ok so that’s gone in like that now another thing I thought
to mention about this power cable was it actually comes with a really nice
physical switch here which I do appreciate so let’s now power that up ok
so we’ve got some red lights over there let’s see if we get anything on the
display oh so I don’t actually have any keyboard or mouse plugged in so let’s
get the USB receiver this does have 4 full size USB ports so you can easily
plug in any USB peripherals so let me now plug this in and that’s true plug
and play there guys it’s working straight away and we can see this is
noobs version 3.1 and we have 2 options we can install so we have the full
version of raspbian which is a port of the Debian operating system which is
Linux based so you get desktop and some recommended applications and we also get
the option to install Libre elect our liberal X stands for Libre embedded
Linux entertainment center and it’s a fork of opening leg this is an ultra
light superfast build just for the K application now you can also run this on
standard Android boxes and the performance you get from this is so much
faster than the normal application you install from the Play Store so if
also want to see a video of just running on standard Android boxes then do leave
me a comment below and now all of a sudden we can see so many more options
and the reason for that is if you do actually connect it to your wireless
network or you plug in the ethernet cable this will then connect back to the
Internet and give you other options that you can install for example here we can
see raspbian lights so this is like a cut-down version of raspbian without the
desktop UI we will see at lucky’ our pi/4 which is a DIY retro emulation
console so I definitely will be checking out in a future video so do leave me a
comment below if you wanna see that but for now this is good for the first
option let’s click on that and let’s now click on install and we can see that’s
now downloading and extracting that filesystem on to our our 3 PI and we can
you see it guys it is a complete desktop environment so you can see got some kind
of spreadsheet application over here hey they seem to be doing some coding you
got scratch which is a popular kids coding platform do you really do have so
many options or so many things you can do on your Raspberry Pi
now do actually have a special discount code so if you do wait till end of the
video I will be sharing a special code which will give you 20% off the total
price for this all-in-one care and as previously mentioned this all-in-one
cake gives you the heat sinks gives you the extra fans gives you that memory
card with the noobs image pre-installed and you also get that custom case where
you can install that fan which will greatly improve the cooling of your
Raspberry Pi ok we get the message os has been installed successfully let’s
click on OK and wow we are now booted into the
raspberry n’ desktop operating system so ok so i’ve just rebooted the raspberry
pi because he does now fixed the border issue i’ve also plugged in a USB mouse
which just web straight away I’ve also paired a Bluetooth keyboard just to show
you like how versatile this device is and to add Bluetooth devices ice went to
this icon over here and second the option add a device so now that we have
the keyboard and mouse working I could try and use this as a desktop
replacement so what would I be doing on my desktop now we’ll probably I’ll be
using a browser maybe I might be reading the news let’s try that now so BBC
decoding UK / news ok that’s working fine it looks pretty
smooth to me let’s open up another tab and probably over here I’ll be most
likely on YouTube doing research of course let’s click on that so reading
the news over here click different articles and watching a
YouTube video over there and that’s working absolutely fine let’s close that
down now as mentioned this is supposed to be a complete desktop replacement so
now of course I have to preface that I’m not gonna be doing the video editing on
this I’m not gonna be doing triple-a gaming but for more basic tasks that a
lot of people do actually use on the current desktop things like in a
browsing Facebook browsing YouTube checking their email doing online
shopping but those kind of tasks this seems more than I declare I mean if I
try a bit of word processing something that up okay so I now can do some word
processing so this is a typing test to see how fast I can type on this mini ops
mini keyboard yeah that’s fine I mean I can create stuff maybe I shall win a
scrip for this video make that bit bigger bring that down let’s enter this
stuff so yes all of the stuff you could do on a normal word processor I can now
do on this Raspberry Pi yep I couldn’t do bolding there that’s working great
okay so that’s office applications we can also measure the temperature of a
Raspberry Pi by typing in this command which is sudo space VC Gen CMD space
measure underscore temp and so you can see right now our Raspberry Pi is
sitting at 56 degrees and as previously mentioned the device will start
throttling itself if the temperature exceeds 80 degrees so we still have a
fair bit yeah but the same time I haven’t actually
done much on the device yet so it’d be interesting to see how much this
temperature increases once we start maybe playing some video would be in
some other applications or doing multitasking let’s try some media from a
USB Drive so definitely me kind of watching any kind of media from a USB
Drive or from network storage checking the temperature now after watching a few
videos maybe that’s gone up by one in fact let’s do that test while sasheer
video is playing so let’s go back into my USB Drive okay let’s leave that
playing over there let’s now check the temperatures it’s gone up to 59 let’s
leave that running let’s let’s open up a browser
okay so we got my browser window over there we’ve got the temperature
down here still build clicking let’s click on downloads let’s see what’s
happening to the temperature now ok it’s go up to 61 so it’s definitely obviously
going up guys which is what would probably expect let’s try a bit of
gaming you’re okay so we’re now playing Minecraft and it’s quickly build
something let’s build some stuff alright so minecraft obviously is not
the most demanding game but just to show you you can do a bit of light gaming
whilst you know watching videos on your Raspberry Pi 4 and that’s how quick look
at the temperatures okay let’s go up to 62 that’s still wobbly 18 which is
what’s recommended to make sure your Raspberry Pi doesn’t actually throttle
anything so that’s close okay so I’ve just plugged the Raspberry Pi into this
case and attached a small fan on top so let’s see if this really does that make
a difference to the cooling now before we just check the temperature we saw on
the Raspberry Pi when I wasn’t actually doing much the temperature was around
about 55 or 60 degrees then as I started opening up more and more applications
that increased to 66 67 and went as high as 70 so I see the temperature now with
this new case on and we can see right now the temperatures only 32 degrees so
that’s actually a massive drop compared to the temperature before we install
this fan so we can see installing this fan will actually make a big difference
to the cooling especially if you want to ensure your device doesn’t do any kind
of throttling so just leave that to one side let’s stop a couple of applications
ok so again we’ve got some video playing in the background over there we’ve got
some stop watching or some cryptocurrency monitoring over here
and down here I’m playing Minecraft so just distress this for a minute or so
let’s see how much the temperature rises let’s see if TD UK can build a quick
little thing here now one thing that you’re going to notice straight away
guys and I hope the microphone can pick it up is this fan is quite noisy so if
you’re looking for a totally silent solution and this fan is definitely not
yet but but long as it can keep the device cooled down that’s what we should
be interested in so okay let’s do better that let’s go to the temperatures so you
can see from idling at 32 we’ve got a couple of things going now let’s see how
much that goes up by only by 7 degrees guys so definitely 100% without any
doubt if you do want to keep your Raspberry Pi as cool as possible I def
recommend a fan like this to give you the best possible performance okay so
the big question can the Raspberry Pi 4 be actually become your main desktop
computer well I think it definitely can take over your gaming computer a contact
over your video editing computer or your main workstation however if you are just
using your computer for you know baleful like browsing for social media for
YouTube for online shopping then definitely you could do all of that
quite comfortably quite easily on the Raspberry Pi on top of that I mean at
the price point of $35 for the one gig ram model it really is a very impressive
device and in terms of projects as I mentioned at the start the video you
could set up your own VPN server you can set up your own retro gaming console you
could set up piehole which is an ad blocking DNS solution so the
possibilities are really endless and if you don’t encourage your kids to
get into programming go into coding I think it is also a great option for that
as well now you have to decide yourself whether you wanna buy just a rosary pipe
by itself or you rather have an all-in-one care as mentioned before the
only one care is really good for beginners because it does give you
everything you need including the memory card including the heat sinks including
the case including the extra fan and of course the memory card with the noobs
image pre-installed so if you’re looking for the easiest option that I do
recommend an all-in-one kit and I do have a 20% discount code so do have a
look in the video description for there other than that guys many thanks for
watching many thanks for staying till the end please do leave me a comment
below let me know anything about the Raspberry Pi would you get one for your
house would you get one for your kids let me know what you think leave me a
comment below and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks

๐Ÿ”ดRaspberry Pi 4 review – Can this replace our Desktop Computer ?

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