Hi guys, welcome to tech + where you can get the latest tech tips and tricks in minutes today I’m going to show you how to solve Svchost.exe process high memory, or CPU usage problem. so many peoples having issue of laptop overheating because of the Svchost.exe process taking too much memory. here is the easiest way through which you can solve laptop overheating and lagging problem, just follow the few simple steps first step is to close the Svchost.exe process. For that right click on start taskbar and select task manager Now go to processes tab and click on show processes from all users Now here you can see that there are two Svchost.exe processes and this one taking whole lot of memory Which causing laptop physical memory to be used above 90 percent. Now to close this process, select and right click on Svchost.exe process which is taking huge memory And select end process tree option Now here click on end process tree. You can see that Svchost.exe process is closed now and physical memory usage is reduced to 30 percent. Now in second step is two install the required windows update which will fix this Over usage of memory problem. For that just open link for windows update Which you can find in the below video description. Here you can see that this update is for windows 7 and windows server 2008 Go down and you will find the download link for 64 and 32 bit operating system, just based on your operating system and then Click on the download page now. Now here select your operating system language and then click on download. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file. Click on yes, Wait to complete the installation, it will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Now then save and close all the opened documents and restart the computer. Keep in mind that do not turn off computer or remove power cable while it restarting, It will take some time to update your operating system. Now After complete restart. Open task manager. Here you can see that Svchost.exe huge memory usage problem successfully solved. And due to which physical memory and CPU usage is improved. That’s it for this time guys, Please Like and Share this video with your friends and family. I upload NEW video every week on Thursday at 8 p m so don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on my tech plus icon on screen or on the big red subscribe button below. please let me know in the comments that If you facing any problem with this video or which computer tutorials you want to see in the next video, Thank you so much for watching, bye

✔ How To Solve Svchost.exe (netsvcs) High Memory | High CPU and RAM usage problems

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